Total Spot Bitcoin ETF Trading Volume Surpasses $3.24 billion

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Source: Wccftech

It has been a bullish Monday for Bitcoin and current Spot ETFs on the stock market. At press time, the total trading volume of all Spot Bitcoin ETFs has surpassed $3.24 billion today.

The Spot Bitcoin ETF that leads the pack for the surge today is BlackRock, whose trading volume surpassed $1.1 billion earlier Monday. With Bitcoin on a significant rally over the past week, most Spot Bitcoin ETFs are seeing a pump. Bitcoin is currently trading north of $54,000 at press time.

At closing time, here is how all of the Bitcoin ETFs stacked up in daily TV:

  • BlackRock: $1,318,226,580
  • Grayscale: $843,654,199
  • Fidelity: $587,327,032
  • Ark Invest: $265,647,305
  • Bitwise: $83,248,930
  • Invesco: $60,072,480
  • WisdomTree: $37,426,253
  • VanEck: $23,984,634
  • Franklin: $21,911,626
  • Valkyrie: $6,938,398
  • Hashdex: $217,096
Source: Crypto News

The $3.24 billion total trading volume today also breaks the day one record for total Spot Bitcoin ETF trading volume by just under $1 billion.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin is up 5%. A rise in crypto investment inflows, another Bitcoin purchase by Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy, as well as a “cosign” of Bitcoin by former President Trump, have all contributed to the bullish rise of Bitcoin recently. It will be important to track its price throughout the week as well as daily trading volume each day, to see just how high BTC can go.