Total Spot Bitcoin ETF Trading Volume Surpasses $3B Again

Source: Bitcoin News

The total trading volume of all Spot Bitcoin ETFs on the market has surpassed $3 billion for the second day in a row. The hype around Bitcoin continues as the leading cryptocurrency surges on.

The last two days have seen BTC surge massively, surpassing the $57,000 mark to bring Bitcoin to its highest level since November of 2021. BlackRock once again led the pack, trading over $1.3 billion. IBIT also saw 100,000 individual trades on Tuesday.

Just 24 hours ago, the total Bitcoin ETF trading volume passed the $3.24 billion mark. Here is how the top Bitcoin ETF products traded closing out Tuesday at the bell:

  • • BlackRock: $1,323,940,885
  • Grayscale: $799,160,227
  • Fidelity: $576,812,680
  • Ark Invest: $203,762,725
  • Bitwise: $78,165,380
  • Invesco: $41,289,809
  • Franklin: $24,662,115
  • VanEck: $19,454,458
  • WisdomTree: $18,665,445
  • Valkyrie: $5,032,465
  • Hashdex: $1,361,387

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Bitcoin has consistently traded around $57,000 on Tuesday. With the behavior of Spot Bitcoin ETF trading volume over the past 48 hours, it will be interesting to see how it compares to Bitcoin’s continued surge over the course of this week. Perhaps this is a new normal for the products on the market? Only time and patience will tell.