Toyota and Nissan Step Into the Metaverse as per the Reports

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Toyota and Nissan Step Into the Metaverse as per the Reports
Source: Fayzak infotech Pvt Ltd

Toyota and Nissan, two of the largest Japanese carmakers, have made their entry into the metaverse.

The Japanese carmakers have become the latest additions to the metaverse world. The reports state that Nissan has launched a virtual showroom, whereas Toyota has created workspaces for employees.

Source: WIRED

Showrooms and meetings in the metaverse

Nissan has created a VR Nissan Crossing gallery version using a US platform called VRChat. The VR platform also features its new fleet of Ariya electric vehicles. Select users will get an opportunity to join a virtual tour where the showroom will be hosting new vehicle launches and other events.

Toyota has added a virtual workspace for employees of selected departments. The virtual workspace will let the employees walk around, attend meetings, and chat with each other.

“With more people working from home because of the coronavirus, we are providing young employees and others communication options within the company.”

Toyota representative
Source: TechCrunch

The entry into the metaverse is following European carmakers, including Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz, who have already made their entry into the metaverse.

Earlier this month, Volkswagen added a campaign to promote the special safety features of its latest Polo, IQ DRIVE. Mercedes Benz entered the metaverse last year in collaboration with the FTX exchange with the chances of releasing an NFT.

It also launched an NFT G-class series in January and also applied blockchain to its various operations.

McLaren partnered with InifiniteWorld in March to offer customers an immersive digital experience by also providing them with an option to mint original McLaren luxury supercar NFTs.

Lamborghini and Ferrari have also taken a leap into blockchain with a collaboration with an NFT and blockchain platform. The collaboration was with Velas Network, a Swiss tech firm. With the increasing adoption of crypto, NFTs, and metaverse, companies from every sector are hopping on the bandwagon.