Traders Say This Is The Next Big Solana Memecoin as ICO Passes $2.5M

Paigambar Mohan Raj

The crypto market continues to evolve exponentially, and an emerging narrative presents huge potential for Sealana, a newly launched Solana presale.

Sealana’s bullish outlook is echoed by steadfast support, with $2.5 million raised so far. In addition, many leading analysts are hailing it as the ecosystem’s next big meme coin.

Meme coin trader predicts 100x gains on the table for the Solana-based Sealana

In line with the high-octane escapades of Solana presales, Sealana’s is faring as a raging success.

With $2.5 million already raised, top industry analysts are taking note. For instance, ClayBro highlighted its success in a recent YouTube video, noting that the presale is “selling fast.”

However, this is not the only analyst to back Sealana. Well-known gem hunter Crypto Boy recently covered the project and said it “could give you 100x returns.”

Adding to the excitement, leading crypto media platforms are also in favor.

For example, outlets like CoinPedia, CryptoPotato, and The Economic Times have all featured the project.

Analysts think SOL ETF is next; this could skyrocket Solana alts like Sealana

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just given the go-ahead to Ethereum spot ETFs, which will provide Wall Street with direct access to ETH from the summer of 2024.

However, the forward-looking market has already begun scouring for the next narrative, and it might just be Solana ETFs.

And this is not such speculative hearsay. TradFi experts have discussed the matter on CNBC, deducing that SOL is likely next in line for a listing.

This has sparked significant excitement in the Solana community, particularly given that Ethereum’s market cap is 6x bigger than Solana’s.

As such, it would take much less investment to increase SOL’s price, thus bolstering the potential for huge gains.

However, the Solana community is looking beyond the direct impact on SOL’s price, speculating that the Solana ecosystem plays would be even more parabolic.

Indeed, this would strike perfect market conditions for emerging projects like Sealana.

Sealana’s witty backstory strikes a chord with SOL’s degen community

It is no secret that Solana is the Wild West of on-chain trading, full of risk-hungry degens vying for outrageous gains on abstract financial investments.

As such, Sealana’s backstory is resonating deeply and cementing the project as one of Solana’s hottest prospects.

Sealana features subtle South Park references throughout its website and social media.

It also provides a hilarious backstory of a seal who lives in his mom’s basement, grinding meme coin charts and living off canned tuna and chips in pursuit of a Lambo and generational riches.

The South Park-esque take on degen meme culture has turned heads in Solana meme coin circles, resulting in the project gaining 5K followers on X and 5K members in its Telegram community.

But with the presale momentum accelerating, potential buyers should not wait around. This is because the team has not announced a hard cap, so the ICO could end anytime.

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