Trump’s Pro Crypto Stance: A Ploy To Win Hearts Or The White House?

Juhi Mirza
Donald Trump
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The Republican Party’s Donald Trump is taking the cryptocurrency world by storm by adopting a pro-crypto stance. As the US presidential race intensifies, the clash between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is also heating up, with both parties propagating new ideas to win the public’s favor.

In a recent NFT event rally, Trump made significant pro-crypto statements, adding that he is willing to accept campaign donations in cryptocurrency. The former president’s pro-crypto stance has caught the eye of skeptics. The development prompts the audience to gauge whether Trump’s inclination towards crypto is a ploy to win hearts or a mere strategy to enter the White House.

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Trump Goes Pro-Crypto

Source: BBC

Donald Trump is back again with his eccentric comments. In a recent NFT event, Trump shared that he will holistically support the crypto domain if the US elects him as president.

“If you like crypto in any form, and it comes in many forms, if you’re in favor of crypto, you better vote for Trump.”

Trump’s comments reflect the stark opposition to Biden’s reality, who is often dubbed an anti-crypto personality. In recent interviews, Biden was shown supporting the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s stance on crypto, an entity that is leaving no stone unturned to suffocate crypto expansion-related proceedings.

Hearts or White House?

Donald Trump’s crypto-centric statements have sparked an array of speculation on social media. While the crypto world welcomed Trump’s favorable stance on cryptocurrency, many users were contemplating whether such comments could also be a ploy to win the White House.

Several community enthusiasts were quick to comment on the harsh democratic financial regimen. Indeed, many users expressed their willingness to embrace the new pro-crypto wave brought by Trump.

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Moreover, it is to be noted that Donald Trump has always been an avid web3 explorer. The former US president had earlier launched his own NFT collection. Dubbed Trump NFTs, for Web3 users to purchase and interact with.