Twitter Ends Ad-Free Articles for Blue Subscribers

Joshua Ramos
Twitter Blue
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The massive changes for the social media goliath continue, as it is now being reported that Twitter is putting an end to ad-free articles for its Blue subscribers. The subscription service that sought to revolutionize the platform debuted over a year ago. Promising to give users access to exclusive functions, it was headlined by the newly introduced “Undo Tweet” option.

Among those premium offerings was the ability to engage with ad-free articles from a variety of publishers. These ranging from sites like the L.A. Times to Insider. With new owner Elon Musk officially taking over Twitter last week, however, it seems that is now set to change.

Twitter Changes Continue

It has now been reported by The Wall Street Journal that Twitter is planning to bring an end to the ad-free articles provided to Blue subscribers. This comes as part of the newest alterations to both the platform and its subscription model.

WSJ officially stated, “Twitter Inc. is ending the ability of subscribers of its paid Twitter Blue product to access ad-free articles from publishers, according to people familiar with the matter.”

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The move will lessen some of the allure that initially drew in subscribers, but is likely not to diminish what made it attractive during its launch. Twitter Blue users still have all of the customizable features that made the prospect of a subscription service so intriguing. With Musk at the helm, however, everything is subject to change.

The Tesla Inc. executive and co-founder certainly wasted no time in molding the social media company. A sea of firings followed shortly after the $44 billion acquisition was made public. Moreover, the changes to Twitter Blue are sorting out to be the next step in this evolutionary period.

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Rumors of who the move will impact in the world of cryptocurrency still abound. And changeover is still likely to ensue as the Musk era has seemingly just begun.