Twitter Founder Questions Why Apple Pay Doesn’t Support Bitcoin

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Fortune

In a recent tweet, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey questioned Apple CEO Tim Cook on why Apple Pay does not support Bitcoin (BTC). The question can be considered a callout to Apple for removing Damus from the App Store. Damus is a decentralized social networking site with BTC tipping features. The application is facing removal from Apple’s App Store for alleged non-compliance with payment guidelines.

Damus’ Twitter handle shared a screenshot of a message which highlighted the application’s breach of guidelines. Damus tweeted the message while saying that the “suggested fix is to use Apple Pay.” However, the Twitter handle pointed out that Apple Pay does not support peer-to-peer payments to anyone in the world.

The tipping feature of Damus enabled users to send Bitcoin (BTC) without the assistance of other apps. The application was developed on Nostr, which Dorsey has backed with more than $5 million in funding. Following its introduction of BTC payments, Damus’ user base increased from 10,000 to an estimated 160,000.

Apple and Damus have had issues in the past as well. The application was turned down from the App Store before being accepted in February. Apple had threatened to remove Damus from the App Store by the end of June due to a feature in the app that allowed users to send tips “in connection with digital content in the app, which violates App Store Review Guidelines.”

Can you send Bitcoin via Apple Pay?

Although users can purchase crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC) using Apple Pay, there is no feature as of yet to send crypto using the app. Users can use Apple Pay to pay for crypto purchases via a wallet or exchange. However, the app itself cannot process crypto transfers.

Apple’s move against Damus also garnered a response from Twitter owner Elon Musk earlier this month. Musk said that “If Apple competes against the whole world, Apple will have the whole world against it. This is not a winning scenario.”

Dorsey replied to Musk’s tweet, saying “Agreed.”