Elon Musk Has Officially Acquired Twitter, Finally!

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Elon Musk Has Officially Acquired Twitter, Finally!
Source: Financial Times

The month-long saga of Twitter and Elon Musk has finally closed as Elon has eventually acquired the social media giant, Twitter. The story will be written in history books about how Elon went from being a shareholder to acquiring the entire company for himself.

Sources reveal that Twitter has finally agreed to the deal, and Elon’s efforts never went in vain. Earlier this month, Elon backed down from his decision to join the company’s board of directors and instead decided to take the leap of faith. He offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion.

From the rumors that Elon’s bid will never come out of the shadow to the company actually accepting the buyout, the journey was quite bumpy. The $44 billion deal will let Elon possess 100% of the company.

Source: MarketWatch

The doors wide open for Elon Musk

The Twitter doors finally opened wide for Elon Musk. The rumors that were spreading like wildfire about Twitter that it is in its final stage to accept the deal has finally appeared true.

Earlier today, Twitter was under immense pressure from the shareholders urging the board to move forward with Elon’s offer. The $44 billion offer seems to have proven as irresistible by the shareholders. The endless efforts have successfully helped Elon acquire Twitter.

Multiple news sources were hinting that the deal would be closed as early as today. What seemed like a pushed away offer by Twitter ten days back, seems to be sitting at the dinner table today. Worlds richest man once again proves that he is not the one to easily give up. The deal is said to be one of the largest acquisitions in the recent history.

Elon Musk, mostly claimed as a people person will definitely take Twitter to the next level with his visions for the platform. His dream to transform the platform into a free spech stage is soon to be true.

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