Twitter Suspended 800,000 Accounts that Distributed Child Sexual Abuse Material in February

Joshua Ramos
Twitter Blue
Source: MacRumors

Speaking live at a Morgan Stanley Conference, Elon Musk said Twitter suspended 800,000 accounts that distributed child sexual abuse material in February. Moreover, the highly publicized appearance has arrived following recent headlines regarding Twitter layoffs.

Despite the negative perception of Musk’s tenure as Twitter head thus far, these statistics note a vital change to the platform behind the scenes. Subsequently, the controversy surrounding the Tesla founder has seen his Twitter ownership marred in headlines.

Twitter Suspends Dangerous Accounts

Elon Musk and the Twitter saga have remained among the most consistent headlines in the tech world. Specifically, layoffs, a rather inconsistent subscription model, and technological malfunctions have been unavoidable for the new regime at the world’s largest social media platform.

Yet, speaking at Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media, & Telecom Conference, the CEO notes vital changes he’s made. Specifically, Musk stated that Twitter suspended 800,000 accounts. that distributed child sexual abuse material in February of this year.

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The development certainly marks a step forward in making the platform a safer place. Importantly, it marks the ways in which the social media network has taken to control the harmful potential of the outlet while maintaining Musk’s vision for a platform embracing free speech.

Regardless of your thoughts on Musk, or the direction of Twitter, this is undeniably good news. A journey towards an internet that allows freedom of speech must also come with the commitment to eliminating the potential for criminal and predatory behavior. Now, Musk is proving to be sensitive to that immensely important pursuit.