Twitter Suspends Blue Subscription Service

Joshua Ramos
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The controversy around Twitter Blue under Elon Musk has continued today. Citing Impersonation abuse from users, Twitter has suspended its Blue Subscription Service in an attempt to resolve the growing issue.

The option to sign up for the verification service has seemingly disappeared from the platform. A new update from an internal note has now identified misuse of the service as a reason for its suspension.

Twitter Blue Paused to Address Impersonation

For as much change that occurred in Elon Musk’s first two weeks as head of the biggest social media platform in the world, the $8 Twitter Blue service has dominated much of the conversation.

Questions of verification, and just what is offered, have been a huge aspect of the dialogue. Subsequently, it seems as though the platform has suspended the utilization of the service until it can combat a growing impersonation problem.

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An internal note to staff suggested that the subscription service be paused while efforts are made to deter impersonation. Moreover, the suspension seemingly only impacts potential new subscribers, as Twitter Blue users still have access to the features of the service.

The pause follows Musk’s admitting earlier this week that a paid verification model could be, “a dumb decision, we’ll see.” Additionally, the question surrounding how the platform would tackle impersonation was a massive one for potential subscribers.

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The new CEO has been outspoken about his desire to craft a Twitter that lessens the allure of verification. Conversely, the problem stands in a solution not yet being found for those who will abuse a verification that is easily accessible.

Twitter Blue has seemingly factored heavily into Musk’s plans to generate revenue for the platform. This issue will likely be fairly vital for the new owner, and remaining staff, to combat.