Twitter ‘Verified Users’ to pay for their Status?

Biraajmaan Tamuly
Source:News Text Area

Changes were inevitable after Elon Musk took over Twitter last week. The first wave of adjustments began with releasing top executives from their positions, which included the former CEO and CFO of the social media company. At press time, Musk is possibly pushing forward a change that is driven more financially.

Pay for the new Twitter Blue

According to reports, verified or ‘blue tick’ users would need to pay for their verification status going forward, or else it will be reversed. The objective of the company is to set a monthly subscription of $4.99 dollars for these users, which would further unlock other features. Additionally, a new Twitter Blue subscription would be $19.99. Current verified users will be given 90 days from the launch, to subscribe to the new feature.

The deadline to launch the service is November 7th, and apparent failure to meet this date is laden with repercussions for the development team. On Sunday, Musk replied to one of the Twitter users, who asked for assistance with the verification process. He said,

It is important to note that his comment might just mean contemplation of the process, As the project could also get scraped. However, that might be less likely.

Twitter Blue seed idea from April 2022?

At press time, while the wheels are in motion for the change, the idea originated back in April 2022. Initially, when Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter, he was appointed as one of the board of directors. Then, the Twitter Blue idea was coined. He believed that subscribers “should get an authentic checkmark” that is different from the other official accounts. Dogecoin fans were elated when Musk mentioned that the memecoin can be used to pay for that service.

As mentioned earlier, waves of change are prevalent in Twitter HQ. Hence, the space is expected to undergo serious differences going forward.