U.S. Google Moves Jobs to BRICS Countries

Vinod Dsouza
google ceo sundar pichai
Source: BBC

U.S. Google laid off more than 200 ‘core’ employees and moved the jobs to foreign countries for cost-cutting measures. Google’s U.S. headquarters will move the job positions to Mexico and BRICS country India. The U.S. has been outsourcing jobs to developing countries since the 1990s, as employees showcase similar talent and come with lesser pay.

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The pace of the U.S. outsourcing jobs skyrocketed post-2000s while Mexico and BRICS member India received top positions. Google has been indulging in lay-offs post the COVID-19 lockdowns with the majority of U.S. employees being affected.

BRICS country India boasts a sea of talent and comes with half the pay that Google pays to U.S. employees. Talent in technology and the software industry in developing countries like India and Mexico are ripe. Therefore, while India benefits, the employees in the U.S. are the ones who bear the brunt of outsourcing.

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The outsourcing of American jobs by Google comes at a time when BRICS is aiming to leverage talent to bring in revenues. Read here to know the top 10 most searched jobs in the U.S. as per individual states in 2024. While tech jobs in the U.S. are facing the axe, openings in the financial sector are booming. Read here to know which financial giants are on a hiring spree in the U.S.

Google U.S. Fires Employees, BRICS & Other Developing Countries Benefits

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Mexico has also been considering joining BRICS to advance the de-dollarization agenda. While businesses like U.S. Google don’t pay heed to the global market changes, but look out for only profits and cheaper talent, it’s BRICS countries that benefit from the development.

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BRICS country India has an array of outsourced U.S. jobs, including Google where employees dominate the technology industry. Apart from de-dollarization, outsourcing of American jobs is another issue for U.S. employees, and no government is coming to their help.