U.S. to Spend $1.5 Billion and Create Asian Version of NATO?

Vinod Dsouza
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China has accused the U.S. of advancing in its plans to create an Asian version of NATO to safeguard its interests in the southern region. NATO consists of 32 countries and the majority are Western allies of the U.S. ranging from Europe and North America. The countries associated with NATO have good ties to the U.S. with plum trade deals.

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However, China is unhappy with the U.S. planning to ally with Asian countries similar to NATO. The alliance, if created, would consist of countries including Japan, South Korea, and Australia, among others. The cost for the formation of the alliance stands close to $1.5 billion and could exceed further if implemented.

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Will the U.S. Create an Asian NATO Spending $1.5 Billion?

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Source: Ron Przysucha / State Department

China fears Asian NATO could dent its power in the southern region making the U.S. take control of the developments. Lieutenant General Jing Jianfeng said that the U.S. idea of creating an alliance is “doomed to fail”. He called the U.S. interests “selfish” and warned that Asian countries must not be “U.S. war chariots” or think of “taking bullets for the U.S.”

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So is the U.S. planning to form an Asian NATO spending $1.5 billion for the grouping? U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in 2022 that America is not planning to create an an alliance. Austin had made it clear back then that the U.S. would not pursue its interest in the formation of the alliance.

“We do not seek confrontation and conflict. We do not seek a new Cold War, an Asian NATO, or a region split into hostile blocs,” he said. However, he said that the U.S. will continue to stand up for its allies in the southern region and “uphold their rights”. In conclusion, the U.S. will not be going forward in the formation of an Asian NATO.