UAE Ministry of Economy announces its Metaverse HQ

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The Middle East has time and again expressed its interest in innovative tech. The Metaverse has undoubtedly lured in many. Several countries across the region including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates [UAE], and others have been going big into the virtual world. The UAE, however, decided to take a plunge into the virtual world with its latest announcement.

The UAE Ministry of Economy revealed that its brand new headquarters would be located in the Metaverse. Speaking at Dubai Metaverse Assembly, the Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri suggested that this was the ministry’s third address and wasn’t a mere proof of concept.

The Ministry currently has two offices in the UAE. While one sits in Abu Dhabi the other one is in Dubai. As mentioned earlier the metaverse office would go down as its third.

The Dubai Metaverse Assembly lured in over 20,000 people on the very first day. Attendees were given a live tour of the virtual headquarters and noted how anyone in the world could visit it.

The headquarters was a multiple-story building. Visitors would require to amass a ticket to enter the building. Each of its floors is expected to serve a different purpose.

Here’s what the UAE Ministry of Economy’s office would look like

Khalifa Al Jaziri, the avatar representing the ministry in the metaverse noted that the interaction in the metaverse would be voice prompted since it’s a 3D setup.

Individuals can eliminate the need to go to the physical office of the ministry as all its services were being offered in the metaverse. For instance, legally binding documents could reportedly be signed in the digital office. Jaziri added,

“So, anyone around the world who has a transaction with the ministry no longer has to come to the UAE to sign an agreement.”

UAE’s latest move has certainly pushed the country ahead in the metaverse race. While several countries were still exploring the prospects of the technology, UAE has already started building on the same.