UFC and VeChain Announces a $100 Million Sponsorship Deal

Vignesh Karunanidhi
UFC and VeChain Announces a $100 Million Sponsorship Deal

VeChain and UFC announced a partnership as they shook hands to welcome VeChain as the official layer 1 blockchain partner. VeChain, a global sustainability-focused blockchain firm, and UFC, the leading martial arts company, joined hands on a $100 million deal.

The collaboration makes VeChain the first-ever official Layer 1 blockchain partner for the UFC. It will also provide unparalleled features of VeChain that will be incorporated into UFC, ranging from its live events, in-arena promotions, broadcast, and various other assets that will be spread across the martial arts company’s channels.

UFC and VeChain collaboration will increase the global reach

VeChain will enjoy remarkable coverage with UFC’s global presence. The collaboration will bring VeChain’s exposure to an estimated 900 million TV households that is spread over 175 countries.

“It is a historical moment when VeChain, the Layer 1 public Blockchain with the most enterprise adoption, joins forces with the fastest growing sport to raise awareness that blockchain technology is critical in helping deliver major global objectives, such as sustainability.”

Sunny Lu, co-Founder and CEO of VeChain

VeChain has a hub of real-world utility blockchain applications with a presence in Japan, China, Singapore, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, San Marino, and the United States.

Through the collaboration, VeChain will enjoy the benefits of the most in-depth integrations, primarily with UFC’s official fighter ranking titles. This will improve VeChain’s exposure across various live broadcasts and some of the most significant events of the martial arts company. These include pay-per-views and its official digital channels.

“This is just the beginning of a multi-year relationship with UFC, and we really look forward to changing the world together.”

Sunny Lu

VeChain will also have a presence inside the world-famous Octagon® at all 42 UFC events each year, as well as Dana White’s 10-event Contender Series. Apart from that, VeChain will also be promoted in-venue at all UFC events. UFC and VeChain will also collaborate on a variety of unique and original content showcasing athletes and talent.