UK Inflation Slides to Two-Year Low of 4.6%

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The inflation rate in the UK experienced a notable decline. It reached 4.6% in October, the lowest level observed in a span of two years. This considerable drop, reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), signifies a substantial deceleration from the 6.7% growth recorded in September. The data fell below the market consensus of a 4.8% increase. It further brings a moment of relief for consumers and leads Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to declare success in his commitment to halve the rate of price growth.

Key Metrics and Market Response

The most recent statistics from the ONS highlight a significant decrease in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). It provides a positive development for Sunak as the country anticipates a general election in the coming year. Halving inflation in 2023 was a crucial pledge for the UK Prime Minister, and the recent data substantiates progress in fulfilling this commitment. Despite inflation reaching 10.7% in the final quarter of the preceding year, it remains just over double the Bank of England’s targeted 2%.

The Core CPI, which excludes volatile food and energy items, also exhibited a slowdown. It registered a 5.7% year-on-year growth in October compared to a 6.1% increase in September. Market expectations had slightly exceeded this, at 5.8%.

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Prime Minister’s Reaction and Future Outlook

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed contentment with the reduction in inflation but acknowledged the persistent challenges faced by many individuals. Sunak remarked,

“Official figures released this morning confirm we have halved inflation meeting the first of the five priorities I set out at the beginning of this year. While it is welcome news that prices are no longer rising as quickly, we know many people are continuing to struggle, which is why we must stay the course to continue to get inflation all the way back down to 2%.”

The decline in inflation provides Sunak with a positive narrative in the lead-up to the anticipated general election.

The UK’s inflation rate hitting a two-year low brings a moment of respite for consumers. It aligns with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commitment to curbing price growth. The data creates a favorable backdrop for Sunak, especially as the country anticipates a general election in the near future. As the government persists in its efforts to guide the economy, the decline in inflation becomes a pivotal factor in shaping the economic narrative and addressing the challenges faced by the population.

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