Uncovering Shytoshi Kusama – Is Shiba Inu’s lead developer Italian?

Saif Naqvi
Shytoshi Kusama
Source: Pixabay

Shytoshi Kusama is a vocal figure in the cryptocurrency community. The lead developer behind Shiba Inu is often seen sharing developments on the project, debunking myths, and even discussing general crypto topics. Yet, an aura of mystery still shrouds Shytoshi Kusama. Little is known about the developer’s interests However, the connections Shiba Inu had made in Italy have gotten us wondering if Shytoshi Kusama is Italian.

Shiba Inu Lands In Italy

Of all the countries to choose from, Shiba Inu’s first venture into the real world was in none other than, Italy.

The project got a taste of real-life after collaborating with Italian fast-food venture Welly. Once the deal was complete, Welly’s was rebranded to a SHIB-themed restaurant. The outlet is available in the historical city of Naples, considered as the gateway to Pompeii. The exact address of the restaurant is – Sannazaro, 4, 80122 Napoli, Italy.

John Richmod x Shiba Inu

More recently, Shiba Inu partnered with fashion designer John Richmond and the same could feature a unique set of SHIB-related NFTs. The English-born designer is based in Italy and is a well-known figure among fashion elites.

To kickstart the new partnership, Shiba Inu’s collaboration with Richmond is set to feature on Italian public transport trams. The ‘tram walk’ would give onlookers a more aesthetic feel to the alliance and also spread Shiba Inu’s influence among the locals.

Shytoshi Kusama – Italian?

This brings us to the next question – Considering the new bonds Shiba Inu has made in Italy, is Shytoshi Kusama, Italian?

Well, it’s doubtful, at best. A tweet posted in late-January read” “I better learn Italian soon… Fortunato per me sono uno studente veloce…Shib esercito globale”. The Italian phrase translated to “Lucky for me I’m a fast learner….Shib global army”.

The tweet suggested that Shytoshi did not know how to speak Italian yet. A more realistic answer though would probably be that Shytoshi wants to learn the language to converse with Italian Shiba fans more fluently as the project makes inroads within the country.

Either way, Shytoshi Kusama has built an intriguing persona and the community will keep asking questions to uncover more truths related to their favorite project’s lead developer.