Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto, Who is He?


One of the biggest mysteries in the Crypto world is the founder of the Crypto giant Bitcoin. Many Crypto enthusiasts have tried to crack this hard nut, but the result is a hypothetical solution. No one has enough proof of who Satoshi Nakamoto is. 

Cracking the Nut 

Satoshi Nakamoto is presumably a fictitious name adopted by a person/people behind the Bitcoin Crypto project.  

Many Crypto enthusiasts believe that a group of developers uses the pseudo name in order to remain anonymous.  

Nakamoto is believed to have authored Bitcoin white paper, developed the Cryptocurrency, came up with the first blockchain database, and created the project’s original model implementation. 

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto: Suggested Names 

 In a bid to solve the puzzle, the internet has tried to put a face to the name in the puzzle. Unlike Satoshi his predecessors’ names are provided and include; David Chaum, Nick Szabo, Wei Dai, and Adam Back. Some Crypto enthusiasts believe some of these names are Satoshi. Here is why. 

  • Adam Back – created hash cash and worked at Microsoft. Additionally, the internet considers Back as the most qualified candidate so far. 
  •  Hal Finney - an early Bitcoin user who lived in the same town Nakamoto did, Temple city in California, for over ten years. Hal however denied the claims, before he died in 2014. 
  • Nick Szabo – Founder of Bit Gold and wrote many Bitcoin papers in the early ’90s (before the Crypto’s development). In addition, Nick’s initials also match Satoshi Nakamoto’s. 
  • Len Sassaman - After a long battle with depression and other neurological disorders, Len Sassaman took his life in 2011(July 3rd). 2 months before his death, however, Satoshi sent his last message. In the tweet, the mysterious name said he had moved on to other things and would not be around in the future. In the early days of his career, Len said he was an authority in public-key cryptography (Bitcoin’s foundation). Len was at the right time and place to be Satoshi. Many believed Len was European because he did things that looked American, such as his date format. 

Other names include Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed Satoshi, Mark Karpele, Max Keiser, and so many more. Internet detectives also claimed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is Nakamoto, but he has since denied the claims. 

What Did Satoshi Nakamoto Do? 

Nakamoto proposed using a decentralized approach to transactions. Decentralization means that investors deal directly with each other using a variety of digital devices to communicate.  

Satoshi Nakamoto’s involvement is traced back to the early days of Bitcoin’s development after which he let the open-source community run the project.  

Satoshi’s identity remaining anonymous from the day of his involvement in the project is essential for two reasons: 

  • The neutrality of the project 
  • Reduce attack vectors as possible 

Bitcoin’s design protects Cryptocurrency from the influence of charismatic leaders.  

What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is one of the world’s largest Cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by Satoshi and officially released in 2009. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate transactions.  

Bitcoins use the proof of work time stamping scheme and exchange other services, products, and currencies.  

El Salvador made history as the country recently adopted it as a nation currently alongside the USD.