US Comments on Global Partners Seeking BRICS Membership

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In a recent press briefing from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the US commented on Global Partners Seeking BRICS membership. Specifically, Jean Pierre stated that the US doesn’t seek to hinder countries’ partnerships with other countries.

The bloc has become increasingly attractive to developing countries over the last year. Moreover, two key US partners, Egypt and Algeria, are among those seeking entry. However, the US has clearly stated that it does not seek to get in the way of such a development.

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White House Talks Global Partners Joining BRICS

Throughout the year, the rise of the BRICS has been a rather interesting geopolitical event. Indeed, the collective of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa has firmly embraced de-dollarization. All in service of creating a multipolar world, and eliminating Western influence.

However, the US has recently commented on its global partner seeking BRICS membership. Specifically, the White House has stated that it has no intention of standing in the way of such a development. Remarking as much in a recent press briefing.

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At a recent press briefing, the idea of partnering countries joining BRICS came up. “Algeria and Egypt, which are two partners of the US… have applied to join BRICS… and it represents a kind of non-alignment force that stands against, kind of, Western hegemony. So how do you feel about this development? Do you welcome this?” White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre was asked.

Subsequently, the White House stated that its engagement is predicated on an “affirmative agenda” and “focused on demonstrating the benefits of our governance and economic models.”

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“US Policy does not ask our partners to choose between the United States and other countries. We have repeatedly emphasized that the US does not want to limit countries’ partnerships with other countries. But we want counties to have choices on how to deliver results to their citizens as well.”

The upcoming BRICS summit should see expansionary guidelines set in place by the bloc. Moreover, it should present discourse regarding what countries could meet those criteria to join the economic alliance. Alternatively, the US has clearly welcomed its partner’s exploratory action of that proposition.