US Economy Notes Significant Rise in Gold, Silver & Copper Prices

Juhi Mirza
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The US economy has documented a striking surge in its precious metals sector. The prices of gold, silver, and copper are touching new highs, compelling investors to deeply explore the realm and bask in the probability of attaining long-term “stable” profits.

The rise in prices of precious metals signals the onset of a changing market narrative, where investors are keen to explore robust investment alternatives as compared to riskier, more volatile ones.

This pivot is primarily triggered by the erosion of US economic metrics, the loss of consumer faith in the USD, and inflating debt metrics, which could trigger a potential collapse of the US market and its economic prowess.

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Precious Metals Supremacy Reigns In The US: What’s Happening?

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Gold is currently showing signs of consolidation, signaling a brewing bullish outbreak. The price of gold at press time is sitting at $2,379, up 0.77% in the last 24 hours. Per Trading View’s user sentiment index, the tool points towards a “strong buy” signal, suggesting that investors are keenly exploring gold in all its forms.

The new price threshold for gold has been predicted to breach past $2,500, given that it continues to follow its current progressive course.

Similarly, the gold price surge has primarily gained momentum due to the demand spurred by global central banks. These global banks are driving the price of gold to touch new highs with their continuous buying spree.

“The CB Quarterly Gold Consumption has skyrocketed since early 2022. In fact, the PBOC has now bought gold for a straight 17 months, and the Russian Central Bank will accelerate the buying from this month (the price goes up, so their FX goes up). We can see parabolic moves if the retail crowd in the West also jumps in!.”

Similarly, the price of silver and copper is also touching new price milestones. Per Game of Trades, a notable financial panel on X, Silver has broken past a critical price level, which will help its prices skyrocket and establish a new price marker.

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Copper Price Spikes As Metals Gain Strength in the US Economy

The price of copper, on the other hand, has also gained momentum, suggesting a new price milestone for the metal to breach and sit at.

“There are many reasons to be bullish on copper for the long term, and one of them is this structural supply deficit, which, when combined with the lack of exploration and production that we’ve seen, suggests that prices could appreciate more from here with sufficient demand.” One analyst panel of X shared.

However, the high prices of silver and copper also signal a looming inflation crisis. Per Vlad Bastion, a notable financial analyst on X, rising copper prices can bring in an economic crisis for technical sectors.

This can primarily be triggered by copper’s extensive demand aiding the manufacturing sector. High copper prices can signal a slow economic progression, hampering technological and sectoral development in the US.

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