US Judge Says Elon Musk Withheld Donald Trump’s Twitter Data

Joshua Ramos
Source – Fox Business

New court records show that a Federal Judge has accused Twitter owner Elon Musk of withholding Donald Trump’s Twitter data. Specifically, Judge Beryl Howell said the billionaire denied prosecutors access to Trump’s Twitter account to “cozy up” to the former president.

Howell made the statements in a hearing on February 7th, after investigation requests regarding the January 6th riot at the Capitol were denied. Additionally, the Judge alleged that Twitter had been acting in the best interest of Trump to rectify its decision to expel him from the platform following the riot event.

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Judge Accuses Musk of Attempting to “Cozy Up” to Trump

In what is a rather interesting development, new court records have shown some interesting allegations levied against the Twitter owner. Specifically, a US federal Judge has said that Elon Musk withheld Donald Trump’s Twitter data purposefully. Stating the denial was an act to “cozy up” to the former president

“Is it because the CEO wants to cozy up with the former president, and that shows you are here?” Howell asked Twitter’s attorney, George Varghese. “No, Your Honor. It’s whether or not they are facially valid,” he replied.

Thereafter, Judge Howell says that the social media company was acting to benefit the president. Specifically alleging it was a tactic to rectify its decision to expel him from the platform.

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“Is this to make Donald Trump feel like he is a particularly welcomed, new, renewed user of Twitter here?” Howell remarked. Varghere responded, stating, “Twitter has no interest other than litigating its constitutional rights, Your Honor.”

Then, Howell ruled that Twitter’s attorneys were in contempt of court. Additionally, the company was fined $350,000 for failing to adhere to a search warrant deadline. Moreover, this warrant was set to include access to private messages, tweet drafts, and location information