VeChain: $1000 Monthly Since 2020 Grows By Almost 100%

Paigambar Mohan Raj
VeChain Made Golden Cross Last Seen in 2022: Can VET Hit $0.1?
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VeChain (VET) was trading at around $0.001917 on Mar. 13, 2020, its lowest recorded level. If you had invested $1000 every month since March 2020, you would have put in $51,000 so far. Over the last four years, the value of your portfolio would have grown by 97.39%, and the investment would have been worth $100,668 today.

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If you had invested $1000 every month from March 2020 till VET reached its all-time high of $0.281 in April 2021, you would have invested $14,000. In this scenario, your portfolio would have risen to $367,740, a rise of over 2500%.

Source: CryptoDCA

Will VeChain hit $1?

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VET is a supply-chain-based cryptocurrency that has a lot of environment-related initiatives. Climate change is a global issue that has taken center stage over the last few years. This has positioned VET as a future-proof crypto project with a lot of potential for growth.

To reach $1 from current price levels, VeChain has to rally by about 3900%. Although many crypto assets have grown by much larger figures, VET’s journey to $1 will likely not be an easy one.

Researchers at Changelly predict VET to hit $1 in June 2032, about eight years from now. The platform anticipates the asset to hit a maximum price of $1.02 in June 2032.

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Telegaon’s forecast for VET is more bullish than Changelly’s. The platform predicts VET to breach the $1 mark in 2027, about three years from now. Telegaon researchers expect the asset to hit a maximum price of $1.48 in 2027.

If VeChain undergoes a sudden rise in adoption, given a positive market environment, it may reach the $1 mark much sooner than predicted.