VeChain: A Sleeping Giant Ready to Explode to $0.30?

Vinod Dsouza
Source: Pexels

VeChain (VET) was always touted to be a sleeping giant since its launch in June, 2016. The coin has potential but waited for the right time to move forward. Going by its latest chart patterns, the sleep giant could wake up and explode to a new price territory.

From $0.10, VeChain straight away touched the $0.15 mark and is now hovering around the same resistance levels. The coin went up in green and is now at the +7% mark. Investors who purchased tons of coins just a month ago get to benefit from the latest price trajectory.

VeChain Price Predictions

VeChain is displaying extreme bullish sentiments. If the coin manages to continues the bull run for another two days, it can spike upto +25% in price.

The coin at present is in the crossroads of a breakout. If it breaks through the $0.18 barrier within the next two days, it could touch a day’s high of $0.20 and head back.

If VeChain finds supportive ground and a strong resistance levels between $0.18 to $0.20, the positive momentum can make the price touch another day’s high of $0.23 the next day. However, for this to happen, VeChain needs to hold on to its bullish momentum for three days straight.

Considering it has attracted buying pressure, such a feat is not an impossible task. Its market cap has risen +6.41% and its trading volume is also up at a staggering +74.06%. Looking at all these positive impacts, there is more chances for VeChain breaching $0.20 mark and going beyond it.

Once when it touches a day’s high of $0.23, VeChain needs to carry the same momentum the next day. VeChain can propel from $0.23 and reach another days high of $0.30 if the bullish momentum is carried forward.

VeChain could only touch and go at $0.30 as the days high. It could not remain there for long.

The coin is now the 22nd biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market value as its market cap reached $9.5 billion.

Upcoming Announcements

Its official Twitter handle announced a latest update and the positive impact is being displayed on the charts.

”We are excited to announce VeChainThor v1.6.0 is LIVE, meaning POA2.0 Phase 1 activation is set in motion! Testnet: Nov. 5, 8am GMT – block #10606800 Mainnet: Nov. 16, 8am GMT – block #10653500. But what is POA2.0 and why does it make VeChain the strongest public blockchain?”

At the time of publishing, VeChain was trading at $0.1555 and is up +7.67% in the 24-hours day trade. The coin is expected to touch the $0.18 mark after a breakthrough from the $0.15 price levels.