VeChain Announces Launch of “The HiVe”

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Source: Binance Academy

VeChain has made an announcement regarding the launch of “The HiVe” in one of the most recent Medium articles. The HiVe is a sustainability and Web3-focused IRL event that is considered a successor of the VeChain summit that happened in 2019.

The HiVe is being launched with a vision to develop collaboration across the Web3 community and also to ramp up sustainable developments.

VeChain announces February 2 for the launch of HiVe’s registration

According to the details, February 2, 2023, will be the launch date for The HiVe’s registration and landing pages. Users will be able to sign up and attend without any charges.

“Taking place on March 4th in Las Vegas, the event will not only feature VeChain-specific content but also some fantastic examples of sustainability-focused applications of Web3 technologies from other projects and protocols.”

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Around 150 tickets are allocated for the community, and X-nodes will have a 50-ticket guaranteed allocation. That’s not all; physical attendees of the event will also receive a “Proof of Participation” (POP) NFT.

These NFTs will be VeChain’s first official NFT and will unlock benefits to the holders on the same day. Users who won’t be able to attend the event will also be able to stream it in HD across all its social media channels. The event will also bring news regarding some exciting developments by VeChain.