VeChain Dives Deeper in Seafood with Blue Aqua

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Intending to connect blockchain technology with real-world applications, VeChain has partnered with Singapore-based seafood company Blue Aqua International. VeChain seeks to enhance traceability in the seafood industry.

The blockchain company aims to accomplish that through an integrated business ecosystem that will cut across the seafood supply chain.

According to VeChain, this is an ideal start towards implementing a traceability protocol that will improve the quality of seafood. It will also enhance the sustainability of seafood farming. 

VeChain ToolChain to Power Project

The traceability protocol is expected to be powered by VeChain ToolChain, a platform that will provide complete tracking of all farmed seafood. Furthermore, the platform will track data on farming methodology, seafood harvesting, and deployment to ensure safety.

The concept will apply from inception through to the consumption stage. Blue Aqua says this will help fix the counterfeit problem affecting the seafood industry. It will also help enhance the quality of seafood on the market. 

Apart from tracing farmed seafood, the project also plans to trace aquafeeds from the point of inception to the point of consumption. This will boost Blue Aqua’s efforts in launching an alternative protein meant to supplement its seafood products.

This collaboration with VeChain will address the question of sustainable seafood, with Blue Aqua assuring its consumers of transparent, unalterable data. This will help increase trust in seafood and aquaculture produced through sustainable and practical ways.

VeChain intends to Improve Blue Aqua’s Business Strategy

VeChain’s ToolChain makes it possible for manufacturers to build and use their blockchain apps. With this technology, VeChain intends to power Blue Aqua and help it improve its business strategy.

Through data transparency, Blue Aqua will also have a cost-efficient and reliable blockchain platform. This will finally go a long way in ensuring the company’s long-term success in the seafood industry.