VeChain VET Surpasses over 900,000 Holders

Source: CoinCentral

VeChain’s native VET Token has officially surpassed 900,000 holders, as the token continues to surge. The token has seen gains over 50% since October.

According to VeChainStats, the VET token is held by 901,644 users. VeChain price predictions have been bearish as 2023 comes to a close. Furthermore, the blockchain’s work with the United Nations in its sustainability campaign has likely given VET a slight boost on the charts.

VeChain's native VET Token has officially surpassed 900,000 holders, as the token continues to surge since October.
Source: Zipmex

VeChain added 6249 holders in the past few days. Its current supply stands at 85,985,041,177, with a price of $0.0266 and a market cap north of 1.93 billion.

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It’s important to note that the highlighted number of holders does not necessarily mean the same number of individual investors. On-chain analytics typically tracks the number of addresses holding a token. However, many investors choose to spread their holdings across multiple addresses. However, this achievement still marks over 900,000 holders/addresses for VeChain’s VET token.

Additionally, the network is seeing the highest number of newly created addresses for the first time in two years. VeChain added 57,300 addresses in the past week, surpassing its 50,401 weekly address record set in April 2021.

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VeChain’s (VET) price could hit new highs in 2024. This is due to many analysts anticipating a bull market for the cryptocurrency sector. As a spot Bitcoin ETF is rumored to be approved as soon as Q1 of 2024, the entire crypto market will likely see a rise as the door to more accepted use of crypto opens up.