Voyager CEO Shares That The Company Plans On Entering the NFT Market in 2022


Voyager CEO and co-founder Steve Ehrlich shared the company’s plans to enter the NFT space. Ehrlich shared that Voyager Digital plans on making NFTs accessible to its nearly 2 million users.

During a conference call summarizing Voyager’s fiscal year 2021, Ehrlich shared Voyager’s plans of entering the NFT market space. This new entry is a product of a new partnership with crypto market maker Alameda Research.

Entering the NFT Market Space

While talking during the earnings call on Friday, the CEO said that Alameda was the right fit to help them advance into the NFT market space. He explained that Alameda was the right fit because of their understanding of the NFT space since they “helped build the Solana network.”

Alameda research which trades over $5 billion in a day, invested &75 million in Voyager. This investment will help with Voyager’s asset management front and, additionally, its order flow.

Voyager plans on focusing on offering its users access to NFTs and NFTs marketplace in 2022. Additionally, the publicly traded platform is looking forward to building its own NFTs.

The conference call summarized the company’s fiscal year 2021. This year and the month of October, in particular, has been busy for the company. The Voyager platform was ranked the 55th app on Apple Store.

More on Voyager

Voyager is a mobile app that facilitates earning, buying, and selling of crypto assets. The platform, which currently boasts nearly 2 million users, is one of the US’ fastest-growing crypto platforms. 

The company started with 43,000 funded accounts in January. This figure blew up to 665,000 accounts by the end of June. Similarly, assets under management have skyrocketed to over $3 billion this summer from $230 million.

The company has recently entered several partnerships to increase its performance. Its recent partners are NASCAR driver Landon Cassill,, crypto payment platform Coinify, blockchain infrastructure platform, Blockdaemon, leading trading education and content provider, Market Rebellion, and NBA All-star Victor Oladipo.

As a result of Voyager and Oladipo’s partnership, the NBA-star’s followers earn some goodies. Upon opening an account using Oladipo’s referral link, you get a deposit of at least $100.

Additionally, you receive $25 in Bitcoin after you make your first trade. For every trade made, Voyager will donate $25 in Bitcoin to the Oladipo foundation. This foundation aims at empowering young people, especially young women, to succeed without limits.

Out of the partnership with Blockdaemon, the Voyager platform will integrate Tezos, Ethereum, and Polkadot nodes. The platform plans on expanding the nodes to include more of the 30 digital assets Blockdaemon currently supports. Some of these digital assets are Algorand, Celo, and Terra.

The partnership with Market Rebellion aims at providing Voyager users the ability to use crypto to buy and sell stocks. The creation of VYGR Digital Securities LLC will make the buying and selling of stock using crypto.