WAGMI moment? Crypto Twitter raises funds for Altcoin trader’s Cancer treatment

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Social media has its own powers. On days, it serves as a mediator and assists people in exchanging views and voicing out opinions. However, at times, it has also taken up the role of a villain, for its mere existence has single-handedly managed to cause “wars” in the digital space. On any given day, nonetheless, the positives outweigh the negatives.

People from the crypto space usually prefer hanging their hats on Twitter. A host of tweets—ranging from informational threads and opinions to charts and analyses—are shared on a daily basis. In fact, on “dry” market days, things are usually spiced up with a little banter.

However, this time, in a rather courteous move, people from the space joined hands together and raised funds for a member’s cancer treatment.

All hail crypto?

Yopi, with the Twitter user handle @kuiyopi, joined the crypto ecosystem in mid-2021. Back then, crypto served as quite a good distraction to his health concerns and even gave him moments to relish and rejoice during his 6-month chemo period.

However yesterday, on 6 April, the young and “amateur Ponzi shitcoins trader” took Twitter to proclaim that his cancer had returned back. He went on to chalk out the financial burden of the upcoming treatment.

Per Yopi, the doctors stated that he required stem cell transplant therapy because he had already undergone chemo previously.

Also, the estimated insurance costs summed up to $50,000, an amount that neither he nor his insurance could cover.

Right after Yopi posted the afore-embedded tweet, people from the space, not only started comforting him with warm messages on the comment section but also began donating. All the likes, retweets, and quote tweets hit the nail on the head, and within a matter of hours, the required funds were collected.

The tweet grabbed the eyeballs of many including prominent NFT artist Cozomo, President of FTX U.S. Brett Harrison, and DeFi investigator “zachxbt.”

At the time of press, the wallet’s balance stood at $54.5k.

Source: Etherscan

The ‘karma’ cycle

Towards the end of March, Yopi had stated that if he ever made it in crypto, he’d definitely make it a point to periodically donate to charities associated with cancer treatment. At the end of the day, everyone—may it be a patient or non-patient— requires “costs to survive,” right?

Well, karma played its part well, and Yopi received help in crypto from members of the space. He, in fact, made it a point to acknowledge the support received and thanked everyone as well.

Source: Twitter

“Divided by Crypto Philosophies, united by Crypto Twitter,” is perhaps the message worth carrying home today!