Wallets That Support Solana


To secure your Crypto, you will need a wallet. A wallet is a device, physical medium, program or service that stores keys for Crypto transactions. Additionally, wallets can offer encrypting functions and also signing information. These wallets are also used to send, receive and track Crypto owners. To own cryptocurrency like Solana, you need a wallet address. 

Solana is a decentralized computing blockchain that uses its native coin $SOL to pay for its transactions.

This article will help point out the different wallets that work well with Solana. We have divided them into two sections, the Mobile App wallets and Web Wallet. 

Solana Mobile App Wallets

  1. Exodus- This beginner friendly wallet includes live charts, and a built-in exchange. Crypto enthusiasts looking for a secure and easy wallet should also choose this.
  2. Zelcore-multi-currency wallet available for desktop, android and iOS.
  3. Trust Wallet- available for iOS and Android. Trust Wallet does not support Stake accounts. Additionally, Trust wallet works with several crypto tokens and blockchain wallets.
  4. Coin 98- non custodial multi chain wallet available for iOS and Android users.

Web Wallets

  1. Phantom– user friendly app that uses Solana Dapps, supports Non-Fungible tokens and ledger hardware wallets. Available for four Sites; Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave.
  2. Bit Keep-supports Solana decentralized apps with its browser and Chrome.
  3. SolFlare- specifically made for Solana. Users can also create and manage stake accounts.  
  4. Math Wallet- has a browser extension and web wallet interface that support wallet addresses. 
  5. Sollet- this open source wallet is preferred for advanced developers and users.


Carry out a background check on these wallets to know what works best for you. Use the features they have to make your decision as some might not go hand in hand with your preferences.