Whale investor moves Shiba Inu profits to Safemoon V2 with a $292,000 splash

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu whale moves profits to Safemoon
Source: Pixabay

Here’s a story of how an ordinary investor ‘turned whale’ that made phenomenal profits by taking an early entry position in SHIB. The investor in question purchased 28 billion Shiba Inu tokens worth just a mere $160 in February 2021. The same 28 billion Shiba Inu tokens is now worth over a staggering $800,000 today. However, the whale in question just moved the SHIB profits to Safemoon by purchasing 113 million SFM tokens worth $292,000.

The transaction details are available on Etherscan.io and digging deep into the wallet address shows that the holder moved all profits from Shiba Inu into Safemoon. While news was all over the place that a whale picked up 113 million SFM tokens, a Twitter user highlighted that the investor came from the SHIB world into SFM.

“Looks like a #SHIB whale has moved their profits over to #safemoon! Welcome to the #SAFEMOONARMY! Tracked their original SHIB purchase: They bought #ShibaInu on February 23. 2021. $160 for 28B SHIBA (worth 800k today)” the tweet read.

“This is the address that bought over 300k worth of #Safemoon. This is their Ethereum address. Same address can be viewed over on Bsc,” revealed the Twitter user.

Going by the transaction, the whale believes that Shiba Inu has run its course and Safemoon can deliver further financial results. Safemoon is gaining traction in 2022 after it upgraded to the V2 platform last month. The DeFi token pressed all the right buttons and released Safemoon Wallet, Safemoon Swap (V1 to V2 transfer) among others.

Holders need to upgrade their V1 tokens to V2 manually and a complete guide to transfer your tokens is here. The process is simple and should not take too much of your time if the instructions are followed.


Safemoon Billboard in Times Square

Safemoon has taken advertising space in the iconic Times Square and the billboard will run SFM ads till December 2022. Millions of people step into Times Square including tourists around the world.

The billboard can attract new and first-time investors into SFM and can a boost to its holders list. Even its CEO John Karony paid a personal visit to Times Square and stated that it “looks better in person”.

At the time of publishing, Safemoon was trading at $0.00216377 and is down -2.4% in the 24-hours day trade. The DeFi token is also down -24.9% since the last 14-trading days.