Whales Transfer over $780M in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE and XRP

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New whale data shows that there have been recent wallet movements of Ripple XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin that total $780,000,000. According to Whale Alert, crypto whales have suddenly shifted $780 million worth of virtual currencies, nearly $500 million of which was Bitcoin to new wallets.

Whale Alert data says that the BTC transactions include the following transfers:

Source: U.Today

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The reasons behind the latest whale moves are unknown, as the entire crypto global market cap is down today. The crypto whales are possibly just transferring around assets, or perhaps holding on for a potential spike in the overall market. With SEC approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs possibly coming next week, the entire crypto market may see a significant uptick. Hence, this may just be a preparatory move for these crypto wallets.

Other significant values in the latest whale transaction outside of Bitcoin include over $150,000,000 in Ethereum. Nearly $100 Million worth of Dogecoin was also moved to unknown wallets, and $30 millions XRP was transferred to other exchanges, according to the whale tracker.