What Are Aircoins? Why Has It Risen for Over 35000% In the Last One Year?

What are aircoins?

The Aircoins “Crypto Treasure Hunt In Augmented Reality!” is a first-of-its-kind game that combines fun, cryptocurrencies, and low-cost Crypto exchange. The App’s pre-launch popularity and functionality have generally been compared to Pokemon GO, but it contains many more features for gamers who want free Crypto coins.

How Does It Work?

The new smartphone app turns low-cost Crypto exchanges into an exciting AR treasure hunt in which users can hunt down and collect free Crypto. 

The Aircoins launch team will be dropping millions of cyber-cash in various locations, from malls and shows to casinos and various other events. They collect funds and store them in a digital wallet for the user to access privately at any time.

Aircoins has partnered with many exchangeable altcoin partners to motivate people to grow decentralized economies. Currently, Aircoins has already created a vast network of users by literally spawning millions of coins in the game that users can treasure hunt in A.R.

It supports more than 50 blockchain digital assets, and you can earn rewards based on real-time location.

So What’s Unique About Aircoins?

The principal purpose of the platform is to bring a new digital experience while educating people about cryptocurrency in a unique, interactive, and fun way. It is a more accessible, much more fun, and interactive way for users to get involved and earn cryptocurrency by collecting Aircoins. 

Aircoins also offers virtual space for advertisements. This will help the business clients a big deal as they can purchase vast amounts of crypto packages to promote their business in the A.R. for the players to see.

Why Has AIRx Risen 35000% in the Last One Year?

Aircoins is a hybrid that is half Ethereum(ERC20) and half Binance Smart Chain(BEP20), taking advantage of the biggest DEX in the world. Several factors have contributed to the rise of AIRx in price value. 

Just two weeks ago, Aircoins conducted its 6th monthly Token Melt! where 250M AIRx burned were on the BnB chain! That is 1.6% of the total supply worth roughly $30000. Before this, it had melted 125 million tokens. With capped supplies and an effective token growth strategy, this increased its demand, hence the price rise.

Besides this, AIRx has been participating in giveaways and airdrops. There was recently a giving away of 1 Million AIRx where five random followers on Twitter were given 200000 AIRx each. 

In March 2021, there was a vast Latoken Aircons airdrop on the Latoken exchange. Participants received 10000 AIRx, and for each real referral, you were to receive 4000 ARIX Tokens. This encouraged many users to join the airdrop, causing a sharp spike in the price value of AIRx.


Aircoins are a good investment for you to venture into. The price might shoot up if this continues. Currently, the supply of AIRx is at 3.7 billion. It would take them another one and half years to reduce the supply to its intended status.