What are Bitcoin Pills?

bitcoin pill

We live in a crazy world, and every day we learn something new. Who knew there would exist something like this in history, ‘Bitcoin Pills’? It might seem like another cryptocurrency vocabulary, but the term is direct as is in this case. The pills are drugs meant for human consumption. 

Origin of Bitcoin Pills

Bitcoin pills are illegal pills that most countries put a ban on. Criminals manufacture and brand the pills with the Bitcoin logo to avoid raising any suspicion. The pills, which are highly addictive are simply ecstasy pills.  

There are speculations that China is the manufacturer of Bitcoin pills. China’s black market manufactures the drug brands them with a Bitcoin logo and then sells them. The traders then smuggle the pills into other countries. Even China’s government does not know of the pills’ manufacturing because they are also illegal in China.

Usually, the manufacturers sell the pills in powder form for easy transportation. The buyers then compress the powder into pills and brand them with the BTC letter B; the compression happens in bulk.

How are Bitcoin Pills made?

Individuals make the pills in a laboratory following a specific set of procedures. Some are homemade and some are not. Elements that manufacturers use to make the pills are safrole and its essential oils. 


Safrole and its essential oils are lists I chemical components under federal law that many countries have put a ban on because they contain carcinogenic substances.

Essential oils constituents of safrole are sassafras and brown camphor, which has a common name, ‘the Chinese sassafras oil’ hence speculations of Bitcoin pills originating from China. The substances also cause liver cancer.

Criminals are always looking for safrole and its essential oils for the manufacture of MDMA. MDMA is simply the official name for Ecstacy, with its other name Molly, and now, Bitcoin Pills.

MDMA is a psychoactive drug for nightclubs (“rave”) before its ban, and its full scientific name is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. The drug alters the perception and mood of its users.

Effects of the Pills on the Brain

The drug has components similar to hallucinogens and stimulants. It gives the user an effect of both substances combined, which makes it a powerful drug. It causes emotional warmth, pleasure, increased energy and distorts the sense of perception and time; and the effects last up to 6 hours.

Consumption of the Pills

Usually, people ingest the pills through the mouth. Some, however, crush the tablets and snort the powder in molecular form, hence the name Molly. Sometimes manufacturers sell substances that are not of safrole to the consumers, thereby increasing the risks of MDMA. They instead sell synthetic bath salts (cathinones) in place of BTC pills.

The Future of Bitcoin Pills

We learn something new every day. There are also other symbolic Bitcoins in existence, the blue, red, and orange pills, which represent the matrix reality of Bitcoin. However, this article only covers the consumption pills because the other three have very little information on them. Bitcoin pills are ecstasy pills under a ban, which will not be in circulation for very long.