What are Bitcoin Pups?

What are Bitcoin Pups?

Your Guide: What are Bitcoin Pups?

So, you’re a fan of the latest in the crypto world? If so, you’ve probably heard everyone talking about “Bitcoin Pups”.

In the world of crypto, there’s always some sort of emerging trend every day. So, in case you missed what exactly a Bitcoin Pup is, we have you covered.

Today we’ll cover exactly what a Bitcoin Pup is, explore why they’re so popular, and what makes them so special.

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What is a Bitcoin Pup?

First, let’s try to understand what a Bitcoin Pup is. For starters, we are not talking about a puppy. A Bitcoin Pup is essentially another trading token. It’s also referred to as a BRC-20 token.

This is a subset of crypto tokens that operate on the Bitcoin blockchain. Originally, there were traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum which were referred to as “fungible tokens”.

Unlike them, these tokens have their own set of rules/protocols which makes them interesting,


The most defining feature of this particular token happens to be its direct connection to the Bitcoin Network. Being on this network automatically gives a certain level of authority and trustworthiness.

Just like memcoins, Bitcoin Pups inherit a certain level of reliability and security because they use the Bitcoin blockchain. They become more valuable here because they are seen as a trusted crypto.

Furthermore, the upcoming Bitcoin halving has placed further value on this token.

What are Bitcoin Pups?

What’s in store for the future of this token?

Casey Rodarmor, the creator of Ordinals, said, “Pups is migrating to Runes with a BRC20 and ordinal pre-Rune as mint burn.”

In short – there’s a good reason why people are clamoring for Pups. It’s like there was a whole new crypto dimension that was unlocked and people want in. Thus, this trend is a potentially lucrative option if that’s your thing.

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In conclusion, Bitcoin Pups represent a pretty cool new frontier when it comes to crypto.

Because of their connection to the Bitcoin network, you have a new opportunity to potentially capitalize on. So, get ready to embrace the world of Bitcoin Pups and get ready for an exciting journey ahead.