What Channel is NBC On DirecTV?

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The television market has changed drastically over the last five to ten years. With the advent of streaming platforms, the landscape of television channels and what networks are broadcasting is of the utmost importance. Subsequently, this guide will answer what Channel NBC is on DirecTV.

DirecTV has firmly entrenched itself as one of the most popular and prominent cable providers in the United States. Indeed, with more than 12 million users in America, it has long been a go-to option for avid television viewers. Moreover, it offers some of the biggest networks and brands in the entire industry.

Among those networks, there are few bigger than NBC. Among some of the largest networks that television has to offer, NBC certainly stands out for its vast and popular content. Moreover, its various networks have established themselves, making NBC Universal productions some of the most prominent in the fields of news, television, and sports.

However, NBC is still just one of the hundreds of networks that make up the modern television market. Subsequently, trying to locate the specific NBC network that you are seeking can be a rather difficult task among the plethora of options.

Well, that’s why we’re here. This guide is going to break down what channel NBC is on in DirecTV.

What Channel is NBC on DirecTV?

With the NFL Playoffs Continuing this weekend, this guide will answer what channel NBC is for DirecTV customers.
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Now, the difficulty with channel location in a broader sense is the reality of regions. Indeed, because DirecTV operates in so many different regions, many news are available on a channel for one specific area of the country. However, this guide is going to break down how to find the NBC Channel on DirecTV based on your specific region.

Firstly, it is important to note that the standard NBC channel for DirecTV is channel 12. This channel is a good place to start when trying to access a specific NBC broadcasted event or television show. This represents the standard channel, but accessing NBC from various regions requires some more incite.

In the following list, we’ll present the City, state, and what channel NBC would be in that area;

  • Los Angeles California: Channel 2
  • New York, New York: Channel 4
  • Chicago, Illinois: Channel 5
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Channel 6
  • Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas: Channel 8
  • San Francisco/ Oakland/ San Jose, California: Channel 11
  • Washington, DC: Channel 12
  • Houston Texas: Channel 20
  • Boston, Massachusets: Channel 25
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Channel 26
  • Detroit, Michigan: Channel 36
  • Tampa Bay/ St. Petersburg, Florida: Channel 44
  • Seattle/ Tacoma, Washington: Channel 45
  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota: Channel 46
  • Miami/ Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Channel 51
  • Denver, Colorado: Channel 53
  • Orlando/ Daytona Beach/ Melbourne, Florida: Channel 58
  • Kansas City, Missouri: Channel 65
  • St. Louis, Missouri: Channel 66
  • Pheonix/ Prescott, Arizona: Channel 68
  • Hartford/ New Haven, Connecticut: Channel 72
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: Channel 74
  • San Diego, California: Channel 75
  • Columbus, Ohio: Channel 81
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: Channel 82

Finding NBC Using the Channel Guide

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As we’ve previously stated, the channel to access NBC on DirecTV will vary based on specific regions due to the broadcast affiliations of that area. Moreover, channel 12, and the aforementioned area-specific channels are good places to start.

However, there is another option to find the NBC programming that you are seeking out. Indeed, DirecTV users can utilize the cable providers’ in-depth channel guide to better specify what programming, or network, they are trying to locate.

This is a rather simple process, that could yield the perfect results. Moreover, it first begins with turning both your Television and RecTV REceiver. Then, you will want to select the Guide button on your DirecTV remote. This will give you access to the entire channel library to see where each is listed.

Then, you will want to utilize the arrow buttons on your remote to proceed with scrolling. You should begin at Channel 12, or seek out the region-specific channels mentioned above. Once you have located the NBC channel that you have been seeking out, you will need to only press Select to tune into the programming.

DirecTV Packages

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If you are still having trouble locating NBC through DirecTV, you may want to assess what package you purchased with the provider. indeed, the issue could be connected to your access and not the channel discrepancy.

DirecTV offers its customers a range of four different cable options. These each come with their benefits and drawbacks, as well as limits on what you can watch, depending on what program you choose.

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into what each DirecTC package offers customers at various tiers.

Entertainment Package

The first tier for DirecTV customers is the Entertainment package. This option is the best for your budget and features more than 160 channels. Moreover, it will allow users access to channels like ESPN, CNN, and HGTV. It is a popular option for those who are seeking out cable, without the heavy prices. However, it does not offer the plethora of channels that higher tiers would have access to.

Choice Package

The next highest tier is DirecTV’s Choice package. This option presents users with more than 185 channels and is the second-highest-cost option. Moreover, it includes sports networks from that region and adds channels like the Weather Channel and the Cooking Channel.

Ultimate Package

Then, users could upgrade to the DirecTV Ultimate package. This is the second-highest offering from the cable provider and comes with over 250 channels. Moreover, this tier starts to grant users access to a lot of movie channels. Among those are networks like Encore, Sundance TV, and the Movie Channel.

Premier Package

Finally, the highest tier offered by DirecTV is the Premier Package. This features more than 330 channels and unlimited access to DirecTV affiliates. This offering will include premium networks like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz.