What Does Active Mean on Zillow?

What Does Active Mean on Zillow? 

Your guide: What Does Active Mean on Zillow?

So, have you been looking for a new home or property recently? Maybe you’ve used a little website called Zillow. Have you ever heard of it?

Sometimes on Zillow, you’ll find some random terms on particular properties. Have you ever wondered, “What Does Active Mean on Zillow?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to answer this and more.

Keep reading to find out more.

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What Does Active Mean on Zillow?

What Does “Active” Mean on Zillow?

On Zillow, a property with an “active” status indicates that it is up for sale. An offer has not yet been accepted by the seller. This status means that offers on the property can still be made by prospective purchasers. Active listings have the potential to get a lot of attention from prospective buyers in a competitive real estate market.

Active Listings and the Real Estate Market

Essential markers of the health of the real estate market are active listings. If a property has the designation “active,” it indicates that it is still available for showings and offers. Buyers can visit and examine which homes are available based on this status. Keeping an active status might help businesses get more attention from potential customers and boost visibility.

Different Active Statuses on Zillow

“Active” status on Zillow might mean various things, such as “active under contract,” “active option contract,” and “active contingent.” An “active option contract” means that although the buyer is still in the option period and can cancel the agreement at any time, the seller has accepted the offer.

“Active under contract” denotes an offer that has been accepted by the seller, but the sale is subject to several requirements, including the completion of a home inspection and finance approval. “Active contingent” indicates that the buyer must fulfill certain requirements for the transaction to proceed; otherwise, the deal may not go through.

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What Does Pending Sale Mean on Zillow?


Next, let’s briefly look at the implications for the buyers/sellers. Understanding the status can help us further make a good decision when it comes to buying a home. If a property is marked as “active,” it can still be worthwhile to submit an offer.

This can help you get the property should the sale fall through. In contrast, a state of “active option contract” highlights that the buyer’s offer is subject to change.

The Role of Real Estate Agents

Next, let’s look at the role of agents because they do play a role in this world. Zillow’s active listings are typically navigated by real estate agents. They can help buyers and sellers navigate the process and offer insights into the consequences of various statuses.

To make sure that both parties are aware of their alternatives, agents assist in interpreting the meaning of terms such as “active,” “contingent,” and others.

What Does Active Mean on Zillow?


Anybody involved in buying or selling a home needs to know what “active” on Zillow means. When a property has an “active” status, it means that buyers can still submit offers and it is still up for sale. Acquiring knowledge about the many forms of active statuses, such as “active option contract” and “active contingent,” facilitates buyers’ and sellers’ successful negotiation of the real estate market.

When assisting customers in understanding these statuses and navigating the process, real estate agents can be of great service. Understanding what “active” on Zillow means can have a big impact on your real estate experience, whether you’re a seller hoping to get the best offer or a buyer searching for your ideal house.