What Does Contacts Mean on Zillow?

What Does Contacts Mean on Zillow?

Your guide: What Do Contacts Mean on Zillow?

If you’ve ever used Zillow to search for rental properties, you might have wondered, “What does contacts mean on Zillow?” Understanding this term can help you navigate the platform more effectively, especially if you’re a potential tenant looking to connect with landlords and property managers. In this guide, we’ll break down what contacts mean on Zillow and why it’s important for your rental search.

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What Does Contacts Mean on Zillow?

Understanding Zillow Contacts

The quantity of persons who have gotten in touch with the landlord or property management of the property is shown by the phrase “contacts” on Zillow. This figure might help you gauge the level of interest that a rental property is attracting. A popular listing is indicated by high contact numbers, which may signify greater competition for you as a tenant.

Why Contacts Matter

You may determine the level of demand for a property by looking at the number of contacts. A listing with a large number of contacts is probably going to rent out quickly. Making choices on time may require knowledge of this information. In the event that a property with several contacts piques your attention, you may need to move quickly to submit your application.

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How to Use Contacts to Your Advantage?

High contacts on a listing can be interpreted as a strategy or a signal. It aids in helping you narrow down your options as a possible tenant. You might have a greater chance of getting the rental for properties where there are fewer contacts.

However, if you have your heart set on a well-known property, you will know to get your application and references ready as soon as possible.

What Does Contacts Mean on Zillow?

Tips for Competing with High Contacts

Don’t give up if the property you’ve got your eye on has a lot of contacts. Get everything ready in advance, including references, pay stubs, and a filled-out rental application. To demonstrate your sincere desire, go back to the landlord or property management right away.

Add a brief cover letter outlining your qualifications as a renter to personalize your application. In a crowded market, heeding these pointers will help you make an impression.

What Does Contacts Mean on Zillow?

Landlords and Property Managers’ Perspective

The contact number is a measure used by property managers and landlords to determine demand and interest. Elevated phone numbers may suggest a reasonably priced home in a sought-after area. To generate more interest, a listing that isn’t generating many contacts may need to have its pricing or features reviewed.


In conclusion, using Zillow’s contacts feature will allow you to see how competitive it may be to compete on a particular property.

Contacts can be used Ia gauge of how many prospective renters have expressed interest in a particular rental home. This is useful for both tenants and property managers. Landlords can use it to measure interest and modify their listings appropriately, and renters can use it to evaluate competitiveness and urgency.