What Is “ATH” and Top Cryptocurrency Terms You Need to Know

crypto terms

Are you trying to venture into crypto but cannot understand cryptocurrency news because of the terms used?

If this is you, you are in the right place because we will discuss 15 crypto terms you should know before venturing into cryptocurrency in this article.

Cryptocurrency Terms You Should Know

1. Digital Currency

This is a form of payment method that only exists in digital form. It is not backed up by a physical commodity like coins or notes.


CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency. Picking from the name, it is a digital currency issued by the central bank into the blockchain.

 Unlike other currencies in the crypto market, CBDC is centralized because the central bank governs it.

3. ATH

ATH is the acronym for All-Time High. It is a term that relates to the highest point in price and market capitalization an asset has been in history.

4. BTC

An acronym for Bitcoin. BTC was the first digital currency created in 2009. It promises and aims to offer lower transaction fees than traditional payment methods.

In addition, it operates under a decentralized system meaning that it does not fall under the regulations of the government or financial institutions.


HODL came about as a type for the word HOLD. Holding is an investment strategy where investors do not sell their assets with price change.

The term HODL first came up in  Bitcoin forum as one of the investors advised the others not to sell their assets. He mistyped the word HOLDING twice, and a term was born.

6. ICO

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which refers to the first time an organization offers digital currencies to the public to raise money.

7. FUD

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This term refers to situations where investors spread misleading information about an asset in an attempt to cause a price decline.


FOMO is a short form of the phrase Fear of Missing Out. It occurs when investors flock to buy a particular asset hoping that its prices will go up.

Buying assets out of FOMO is dangerous because you can be caught up in market manipulations.

9. Fiat currencies

These are currencies issued and governed by the central bank of a country.

10. Altcoin

Altcoin stands as an alternative to Bitcoin. It is any other digital coin that is not Bitcoin.

11. Address

It is a destination where an investor sends and receives digital currency. It contains a long series of numbers and letters.

12. Market Cap

Market capitalization defines the total market value of a company. To calculate it by multiplying the number of digital coins in circulation by their current price.

13. Exchange

Exchange refers to a website/marketplace where investors can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies.

14. KYC

KYC stands for the phrase, Know Your Customer. These regulations require companies holding digital sales to confirm the identity of the buyers.

15. Mining

Refers to the process of creating new units of a digital currency.

Have You Learned a New Crypto Terms Today?

If you plan to swim the waters of cryptocurrency, learning the terminologies used there is a must. Knowing and understanding the terms is a step towards meeting your investing goals.