What is BSC Scan? A Guide

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BSC Scan is a search engine that allows Binance Smart Chain(BSC) users to check, confirm and validate all transactions that happened in the BSC block Chain. But what is a Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Chain was a system developed to allow fast and decentralized trading and transactions. This is in the form of an application called Binance DEX that allows web-based decentralized trading. Unfortunately, some restrictions in the Binance Chains database made it not capable of handling smart contracts. Therefore, Binance Chain creators developed the Binance Smart Chain to run parallel with Binance Chain and manage all smart contracts optimally.

The BSC scan was developed to keep track of all the transactions made in the Binance Smart Chain and can avail all past and present transactions, wallet addresses, and smart contracts to the users.

Mission Of BSC Scan

The main aim of BCS Scans is to bring blockchain transparency by indexing and to make it available and searchable to the public. As a result, this would reduce many financial fraud and theft cases since all indexes are recorded and stored. Presently, BSC Scan exists and operates independently. Thus, there is less room for compromise of its databases. 

How to Use BSC Scan

Using the BSC scan is as easy as a google search. The developers of BSC Scan have intentionally positioned the search button so that you can’t miss it. 

To search for any transactional information, all you need is to enter the transaction ID or the wallet information of the transaction you want to inquire about in the search tab then press search. After this, BSC Scan will search its database and display all the information about that transaction.

Furthermore, you could use the transaction hash to search for that transaction. This is a bunch of letters and numbers that represent a transaction. Every transaction has a hash ID. 

BSC Scan will display the following information:

  1. Transaction Hash: an example of this is “0x19a0c8d067df7218e95d77750fe857806d6e9374a268981448c3c94317d503cb”
  2. Block: these are the blocks in the transaction.
  3. Time Stamp: the date and the time of the transaction.
  4. The person Initiating the transaction.
  5. Recipient of the transaction.
  6. Value of the transaction in US Dollars or Binary Coin(BNB)
  7. Transaction fee.
  8. Private Note: shared by the individuals involved in the transaction.

All this information is available for anyone to view. At the same time, BCS scans are secure and don’t give information that might jeopardize the security and safety of the people involved in the transaction. 

In addition to these, there is information that will benefit people who want to initiate transactions. This includes Binary Coin price, information on whether the price is rising or dropping with necessary charts to accompany this, Binary Coin market Cap, the latest transactions and blocks, and other important information. This information is up to date with an updated refresh rate of seconds.

Terms and Conditions of BSC Scans

Some of the terms and conditions of BSC Scans include:

  1. Eligibility that you are of legal age that BSC Scans services have never terminated you from using their services
  2. All information provided during account registration was true and accurate
  3. You are aware and agree of all the risks involved with using internet-based services

For this purpose, ensure you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of BCS Scans before using their services.


BSC scan users should know it is not a wallet service provider. Neither does it store the transactors’ private keys nor has no control over the transaction. It’s solely online for the reason of recording and keeping all the details of the transaction. The services in BSC Scans don’t involve alteration of the transactional information in any way.