What is Dino Pals NFTs?

Dino Pals NFT

Dino Pals NFTs is an NFT art project on Ethereum blockchain developed by Hideo Takahashi. However, unlike other NFTs, Dino Pals are minted on ArtBlocks Factory, making the process faster and lowers the fees. Blocks act as a middle-man for digital artists looking to curate their works. ArtBlock also puts up these NFTs for sale on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)? 

A Non Fungible Token is an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 token cryptographically unique from any other token of the same kind. This secures proof of ownership of items on the blockchain. Examples of NFTs include the popular ones such as Gutter Cat Gang, and My Curio Cards, among others. Recently, ArtBlock NFTs have become popular among digital artists because of their fast curation process compared to minting NFTs directly on OpenSea. One such project is the Dino Pals ArtBlock NFT Project.

The Process of Minting Dino Pals

Like most NFTs, ArtBlocks NFTs are created using vector graphics in a virtual 3D environment. The ArtBlock NFTs still retain all the features inherent to a Non-Fungible Token, such as unique proof-of-ownership. The process of creating ArtBlock NFTs, also called ‘minting,’ includes the user connecting their Metamask wallet (with funds) to the ArtBlocks platform.

The user can then proceed to select an open project and purchase any of the available NFTs. After acquiring ownership, they can then relist the item on OpenSea for a higher fee. The proceeds go to the creators of the ArtBlock NFTs.

What is Dino Pals NFT Based On?

The concept of the Dino Pals NFT collection is based on the physical dinosaur toys made for kids. ArtBlock takes these designs and turns them into digital art, then sells them to different NFT enthusiasts on ArtBlocks and OpenSea.

What is Dino Pals NFTs?

Dino Pals NFTs Price Stats

There are only 100 Dino Pals in existence, and each of them is unique. Because of this scarcity, the prices of the Dino Pals are quite high, although significantly lower than other blue-chip NFTs like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Presently, the highest-selling diplodocus is going for 420.69 ETH, which is the Dino Pals #86. The lowest price for any diplodocus currently is 0.29 ETH on OpenSea.

Over the last 30 days, Dino Pals NFTs have generated a sale volume of over 37,000 ETH on OpenSea. The previous highest sale was Dino Pals #9, a blue velociraptor with purple eyes and sad eyebrows, which sold for 85 ETH.

What Types of Dino Pals are Available?

The Dino Pals come with different features. Some features are rarer than others. They come in different species, colors and personalities. The rarest of the collection is the Dino Pals with sad eyebrows. Of the 100 Dino Pals, 44 have no eyebrows, 38 have beak mouths, 28 are Stegosaur species, and 27 have sad eyebrows.


Dino Pals continue to increase in popularity mainly because of the ArtBlock minting and curation mechanism and their sentimental value. As the NFT hype continues to rage on, ArtBlock NFTs like Dino Pals will continue to become more popular. This will give more and more artists a chance at profiting from their skills.