What is Don Gummer’s Net Worth in 2024?

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One thing that has always been interesting is the net worth of some of pop culture’s favorite celebrities. Indeed, many entertainers and artists have garnered tremendous wealth throughout their careers. In this guide, we will answer the question of Don Gummer’s net worth in 2024.

Gummer is an artist known for his sculpting and large free-standing works. Moreover, he is well known in the pop culture realm as the ex-husband of acting superstar Meryl Streep. The high-profile couple were married in 1978 but announced their separation in 2023.

Although he is not a musician or actor, Gummer has a well-documented career in the art world. Moreover, his success has undoubtedly had an impact on overall wealth. Moreover, throughout his career, he has made a plethora of notable real estate investments. Those have had an undoubted impact on his overall net worth in the last several years.

So, let’s explore just how big that impact is, and whether or not his well-publicized relationship with Meryl Streep also had a part to play in his current net worth.

Who is Don Gummer?

A well-known and highly decorated sculptor, we explore Meryl Streep's ex-husband Don Gummer, and answer his net worth in 2024
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As we previously stated, Don Gummer is well-known in the art world as a very talented and accomplished sculptor. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1946. However, he was raised in Indiana, living in middle America for most of his childhood, before relocating to live in New York City for most of his adult life.

Gummer’s long-standing career first began in 1973, when Gummer his first recorded solo show. Indeed, that moment preceded a plethora of showings of his work. He is known for his experimentation and exploration of different materials. All of these had a profound effect on the art pieces that he would craft over his five-decade-long career in the arts.

With a career spanning more than five decades, the sculptor has seen their work displayed across museums and galleries. Whether it be New York City art venues or the famed Daniel Weinberg Gallery in California, Gummer has seen its work play a prominent role globally

One of the most interesting accomplishments of Don Gummer’s career is his work being displayed at the Kitakyushu International Center in Japan. Moreover, the ‘Fountain for Villa Astaldi” that he crafted is on display in Rome Italy. Additional works can be seen in Rome’s Galleria delle Esposizioni Benucci. Therefore, displaying his global appeal.

Gummer maintains a wide-ranging portfolio, with work displayed everywhere from Indianapolis to the HHK Foundation for Contemporary Art. Yet, he rose to prominence in popular culture for his relationship with famed actress Meryl Streep.

As previously stated, the couple were married in 1978, and have welcomed four children throughout their relationship. However, their five-decade-long marriage ended in separation, when they announced in 2023 that they had been living apart for six years.

Net Worth

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Now that we have explored a bit more about Gummer’s expansive career, let’s explore some of the wealth he has accumulated. According to the most recent data, Don Gummer has a net worth of $80 million as of 2024.

Those funds are likely due in large part to his tremendous work as an artist. However, they are also a result of investments that were made by Gummer during his marriage to Streep. Specifically, the couple had noted real estate investments throughout their careers.

In 1995, the couple reportedly purchased a New York City townhouse for $2.175 million. Subsequently, they then sold that house in 2005 for $9.1 million. Additionally, they purchased a penthouse in New York in 2006 for $10.13 million. Thereafter, in 2019, they sold that property for $16 million.

Altogether, Gummer’s work on tabletop and wall-mounted sculptures was well-documented. Moreover, his transition in the 1980s to free-standing bronze pieces only furthered his esteem. In the 1990s, other materials began to make their way into his work, such as stainless steel, and stained glass. Collectively, these career shifts had only enhanced his status in the art world, and his financial and critical success, within the industry.