What is ScamHunters? Everything You Need to Know


Most of the projects with high tax transactions get to a maximum limit leading to a reduction in trade activity. In the long run, the result is that users end up with fewer rewards. 

ScamHunter (also known as $SHU) has unique, innovative, and carefully thought out crypto-economics/Tokenomics (the quality of a token that convinces users to adopt it) that aim to deal with the problem. The project has a variety of innovative features as well.

ScamHunter Goals

The ScamHunter team believes that their unique and straightforward mechanics will benefit both average and institutional investors.

The team has four primary goals including;

  • Getting used as a utility/equity token
  • Used as collateral for over trading pairs
  • Providing a healthy trading market
  • Controlling the price and therefore maximizing earnings growth for short and long-term purposes

The ScamHunter Website

The team’s website has a well-laid-out roadmap divided into four phases. 

  • Phase 1( 24th- 31st July)- Includes contract creation and locked tokens. By this date, the team aimed to set their social media platforms as well.
  • Phase2 to (July 31)- Launch. The section included the launching of the project, preparation of accounts and apps AMA live before launch, Start paid advertisement, etc.
  • Phase 3 post- Launch. This section contained a list of different partnership applications, with platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The team is still waiting for confirmation. 
  • Phase 4- The Game Begins. Most of the projects in this phase are still ongoing, and they include ScamHunters computer game launch and online safety creation for educational content.

Relationship between Binance Smart chain, BNB, and ScamHunters  

ScamHunters ($SHU) is paired with Binance coin $BNB on PancakeSwap V2. This pairing means that if a user invests in $SHU, the investment is equivalent to investing in both the Binance coin ($BNB) and ScamHunters ($SHU) coin.

What Do We Mean?

The illustration below will give you a better understanding. Let’s take the example of Buyer A, who purchased ScamHunter coins days after the launch with Binance coin.

Buyer A had 1.45 BNB (worth $483 at the time purchased) and got 8.0287 billion worth of $SHU tokens ($SHU price 0.0000000633$). 

A few weeks later, Buyer A’s token, if they held on to the original $1.45 BNB token, would be worth $656. This amount is an increase of more than $200. Because Buyer A bought $SHU paired with the Binance coin, the value of the original token will be more than $1,077. Reflections are subtracted as they are considered bonuses.

The pairing of the ScamHunter Coin and the Binance Smart Chain’s native Coin $BNB is a wiser option.

Why is ScamHunters Unique?

ScamHunters takes a 3% low transaction fee, 2% of which gets sent to all holders, with the remaining percentage being transferred to the liquidity pool. 

40% of the transaction fees sent to all holders are also sent out of circulation until 2025. Once a liquidity pool reaches its maximum limit, the cakes gained after the automatic liquidity or automatically burnt (meaning they are sent to new addresses that cannot transact withdrawals).

The team officially launched the project on August 31, 2021, and you can buy and sell the ScamHunter tokens on PancakeSwap V2.

Below is a list of some unique projects listed by the team.

  • SHU Platform + APP
  • SHU Guard(Antivirus)
  • ScamHunters VPN
  • SHU SWAP (Custom cross-chain swap under development)
  • SHU GAMING(Mobile App, Website Game(s) with earning $SHU possibilities & Massive computer game project)
  • (Also Sponsorships of Gaming in general)
  • SHU TV/media
  • (Own Media Production Team)
  • SHU Anime/Manga
  • 1337 Elite Limited Edition Custom Made NFTs be Released in 2021
  • SHU Wallet
  • ScamHunters Checker/Blocklisting
  • SHU Scanner
  • ScamHunters Equity Bounties
  • SHU Certification


The mutually beneficial relationship between ScamHunter and Binance Smart Chain gives holders the expectation of a successful future as experts predict the rise of the $BNB coin. The rise of the Binance Coin will affect the $SHU coin positively. 

As a holder of tokens, you get 2% of each transaction and the chance to help in project and product developments associated with ScamHunters. In addition, the token holders will earn rewards.

In the long run, as the holder, you’ll be part of our world-changing project as the ScamHunters team aims to stop online scams.