What Is the World Of Women NFTS?

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What Is the World Of Women NFTS?

World of Women is a rare collection of unique, cool, and diverse women avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, it has sold out its digital avatars. However, OpenSea still sells the collectables. Their floor price is 2.75 ETH. 

The most compelling factor is World of Women’s first-ever female-oriented vision to empower women by amplifying diversity in the NFT space. The digital avatars are a randomized combination of character traits. This helps to design a universe of 10,000 unique women avatars. 

Let’s find out what this new NFT that’s driving inclusivity in the NFT space is.

World Of Women’s “It” Factor

The outstanding benefits of owning a World of Women (WoW) NFT include commercial royalties, receiving signed framed prints, accessing high-resolution prints, and gaining membership to exclusive clubs. 

Commercial royalties grant owners 50% due on any profit generated from the commercial use of WoW NFTs. Out of every 1000 direct sales, Wow a airdrops up to 100 signed framed prints to every 10 WoW token owners. Token owners get access to super high resolution 4000×4000 versions of their WoW NFTs. This is a substantial upscale from the previous 800×800 PNG image file available to pre-owners.

The exciting perks of WoW owners are gaining membership to three exclusive clubs: the royalties, investors, and curators club. There is one exclusive attribute or three combinations of attributes associated with each club. If an owner’s WoW NFT has an attribute related to either club, they receive the benefits. These include a share in the fees earned from secondary sales for royalties club members, a share in the profits for investors club members, or the opportunity to support artists by selecting an NFT for the WoW Fund to purchase every month.

These benefits encourage trendy online communities on social media channels that help drive sales. An example is the WoW community noticed striking look-alikes between the avatars and real-life successful women from the music, comedy, and film industries.

By Women, For Women

World of Women is genuinely female-oriented, amplifying and promoting art by female artists. Its vision helps advocate for gender inclusivity and diversity in a world where only 15% of crypto users are women.

Yam Karkai hand-draws individual art pieces on Adobe Illustrator and Procreate in a colorful style. These art pieces include

  • 11 backgrounds,
  • 14 skin tones,
  • 27 clothes,
  • 25 hairstyles,
  • 23 facial features,
  • 13 face accessories,
  • 17 pairs of earrings,
  • 15 necklaces,
  • 9 lips,
  • 7 lip colors, and
  • 28 eye combinations.

Yam then randomly combines the art pieces to generate 10,000 unique and diverse women. They represent a secluded population in the NFT space.

Other projects by Yam Karkai include educating girls worldwide, fighting against child marriage, and helping Strange Cintia, a community member, fight severe ME/CFS disease.

To learn more about this exciting NFT project, visit their website or purchase WoW NFTs on OpenSea.