What Is Zed Run, the Digital Horse Racing NFT?


Zed Run is a digital horse racing and breeding game built on blockchain technology. Developed by Virtually Human Studio based in Australia, it consists of something the founders describe as breathing NFTs.

In the beginning, horses were available for purchase from as low a price as $30 when the platform began at the beginning of 2019. Horses are currently selling for upwards of $150,000 on the secondary market. We have even seen a complete stable fetching $225,000.

What Makes Zed Run Unique?

Unlike most NFT’s which can only make you money by buying or selling them, with Zed Run you can actually use your horses to make your money. That is what makes it so much interesting and so much fun. You have that really cool aspect of being able to enter your favorite horses into races and seeing them compete and become one of the Zed superstars. And that is the main goal really, for your horse to be a superstar and win prizes.

Additionally, you also are able to breed your horses. The aim is to pass down champion genes and bloodlines and breed them together to make the next generation of champion horses. That has so much mystery and intrigue because this all happens based on algorithms. People have no control beyond choosing who to breed their horses with. In the end, you will find that no two horses are similar!


Geoff Wellman, a Zed Run co-founder says, “Zed Run is set in a parallel world where things behave a bit differently to give us some creative freedom in the way we approach horse racing. We follow some rules to create familiarity with traditional horse racing; however, we break other rules, like having our horses run without jockeys.”

How ZED Horse Racing Works

The racing takes place live, and users have a choice to stream the recording on YouTube and Twitch. There is really no end to what you can do on the Zed Run platform. Furthermore, you can enter your horses into a variety of races. Ranging from free entry races to cheap races from an upward of $2.50, to the big hitters that cost up to $500 with a prize pool of up to $5000. Depending on your budget, you won’t miss an opportunity to race your horses.

A maximum of one dozen horses participates in each race. In addition, the lineups for each race are determined by the individual traits and prior performance of every participating horse. If you’re wondering how the race works to ensure fairness, the site employs an algorithm that generates 10,000 random outcomes before selecting one to serve as the race’s criteria.

These races take place all twenty-four hours a day, every single day. And they are usually streamed on Zed Run’s official Twitch channel, official social media accounts, and finally, on their website. Zed Run also maintains a Discord server, where participants can keep track of race results, exchange suggestions, and exchange third-party data analysis tools with one another.

Should You Invest in Zed Run?

Finally, these horses offer incredibly high opportunities to get a return on investment. This is because you can race one horse an infinite number of times. However, don’t just buy in blindly. Because as with all blockchain investments, these horses could easily become worthless by shifts in the market.

But this is not to refrain you from being a part of this new wave of NFTs. In fact, you could merely hop on the bandwagon for the fun of it. Because it is! Especially owing to the incumbent peer-to-peer racing feature and the soon-to-come gambling feature. Sky’s the limit!