Where Will Bitcoin Be in 2025?

Source: cnbc.com

The beginning of 2021 was very uncertain for the crypto industry with the pioneer coin consolidating at the $30,000 level. However, the coin is ending up the year with almost 400% profit to form a new all-time high at $69000.

A few months after China came up with regulations cracking a whip on BTC, it came crashing down to settle at $40000 from its previous ATH of $64000. 2021 also saw many investors, companies, and countries adopting BTC into their holdings and systems. 

Among these are Tesla, Microstrategy, JPMorgan, and also countries like El Salvador which has made BTC its legal tender. This shows that the adoption of BTC is almost becoming a reality globally.

How Much Will Bitcoin Worth By 2025?

BTC History

In order for us to clearly predict the future of Bitcoin, we have to look at its history. How has BTC’s price been growing since its initiation till today? Around nine months after BTC’s initiation the coin was worth $13.

Before time BTC had begun gaining value as time went by to reach $35 dollars only to drop to $2 in 2011. However, with the help of its enthusiasts and investors piling up more Bitcoin, the value shot up to $1200 by end of 2012.

The coin consolidated at the same level facing cyber attacks challenges for about four years. In 2017 BTC rose to $20000 price before dropping again to $5000 which was by far the greatest dip ever felt by crypto investors and traders.

Another four years down the line BTC rose up by 200% to reach $23500 in 2020 thanks to hedge funds, financial institutions investing heavily on BTC, flaring it to new heights in 2020.

BTC Current Price and Bitcoin Position By 2025

By the start of 2021 BTC was trading at $30000 and consolidated two months later. However, with the intervention of Elon Musk buying $1.5 billion worth of BTC the price revived again. By the mid-2021 BTC bull run saw it hit the $64000 level.

China’s harsh rule coupled with Tesla refusing to accept BTC for its payment made the coin come down all the way to $35000. However, the coin is surging at high levels having surpassed the previous ATH to hit a new ATH at $69000.

BTC still has a bright future. Being capped at 21 million, the supply is currently floating at 18.5 million with just a ten-year existence. Gradually the supply is going down which means by 2025. It looks like there will not be any more BTC to mine.

The price of Bitcoin will also heighten up by 2025. BTC’s demand is on the increase, especially now that analysts and experts predict it at $100k beginning of 2022. means by the time we reach 2025 the price might be riding at $200,000.

Another bull rally is expected to happen in another 4 years. Experts say that BTC has the potential to reach around $300000 per coin, owing to its massive adoption.

Bitcoin Halving Might Influence Bitcoin price

Bitcoin halving occurs every four years. Currently, the reward per Bitcoin is at 6.25 BTC.in another four years this reward will reduce by half to 3.125 per BTC in the next halving.

Halving will influence BTC price to rise higher because it will make BTC supply go down. According to history, after every halving the price always rises enormously. Since the next halving will fall around 2025, it’s possible the price might reach the prediction given by experts.