Who Is the Anonymous Twitter User Claiming To Expose Crypto Influencers and Their Crimes?

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Who Is the Anonymous Twitter User Claiming To Expose Crypto Influencers and Their Crimes?
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A Twitter user who goes by the handle @adyingnobody claims to have information about various crimes committed by crypto influencers and is on a mission to expose all of them. The user declares to have a source of over 137.21 GB of data that includes discussions on various crimes, scams, racism, homophobia, and sexual offenses.

The Twitter account seems to be gaining popularity as it gained over 30.7k followers, and his tweet got over 11.5k retweets in a matter of hours.

Source: ABC News

The Twitter user threatens to expose crypto influencers

The user claims to have sourced the information from Telegram, thanking an exploit in October 2019 that allowed a person to access information from a group, including the recent messages, if there were no proper permissions put in place.

Nobody said that a .7zip archive file would be shared ahead, including all the data and password-protected until July 7th.

“Three years ago, a vulnerability on Telegram was discovered by a colleague of mine. He did not take it to its final outcome. By exploiting this, one could recreate an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group of an individual user without actually joining said group.”

The anonymous user said he spent three years from October 2019 collecting various pieces of information from crypto influencers and investors and sourcing them all to his server using his own script.

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“Artists pretending to be developers, developers pretending to be artists. Those pretending to be rich, those pretending to be poor, pretending to be someone you’re not. All of that was exposed to me. All of that was this community at its core when expressing themselves to the public, usually through Twitter.”

The user said that on June 15th, he would release extracts from the pieces of evidence that include racism, homophobia, sexual assault, and even murder and theft of an individual. The anonymous figure is planning to release the details of the evidence on July 7th.

Is all the hype just a publicity stunt to gain the attention of crypto Twitter, or is it doomsday for many crypto influencers? Only time will tell.