Why is ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki Exploring Bitcoin?

Juhi Mirza
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Source: altcoinbuzz.io

Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is a known name in the literary circle. However, Kiyosaki is also widely known for his striking Bitcoin views and opinions, which often fetch him great attention.

Kiyosaki’s pro-Bitcoin opinions are often rather staunch, compelling other people to explore Bitcoin as a possible investment alternative. 

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Kiyosaki’s Pro Bitcoin Views

Key Events to Watch for Bitcoin This Week

Robert Kiyosaki has often been noted on social media for giving investment advice. His advice would often accompany a hint of disdain for the US dollar. However, his views on Bitcoin as an investment alternative are rather exclusive. 

In a spree of his latest tweets, Kiyosaki shared how he believes the banking crisis is deepening and that BTC is something that he’s looking forward to holding and exploring. 

Similarly, he also provided his reasoning on why the “crash of Bitcoin” is something that he doesn’t bother with much. 

“I am often asked, “What happens if Bitcoin crashes?”My reply is the same for Bitcoin, gold, or silver. My reply is, “I would be happy, and I would buy more, once the crashing stops. All market crashes are assets going on, and “sale” is my favorite four-letter word.” Kiyosaki tweeted

Bitcoin’s Bullish Sentiment

Kiyosaki’s pro-Bitcoin stance comes with the reasoning that propagates how BTC can be an active hedge against fluctuations in the US economy. 

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As per the recent data by Santiment, Bitcoin’s latest on-chain transaction volume has soared to $35.7 billion, with BTC touching an ATH of $64K. 

“Bitcoin  has now climbed as high as $64.1K before a mid-sized retracement down to $59.8K approximately 4 hours later. Today’s high has now closed the gap to within 7.2% of BTC’s $68.7K.“ Santiment later tweeted. 

Santiment further noted how crypto markets have been soaring with no correlation to the S&P 500 and the equities market. 

“#Crypto markets continue to surge with essentially no correlation to the #SP500 and #equities markets. This is historically a strong validator that the #cryptocurrency sector is in a confirmed #bullmarket.” Santiment tweeted.