Why Simply is the best analysis platform for Crypto Investors?

Utkarsh Gupta
Source: Simplytoken.io

The cryptocurrency industry bloomed in 2021 and received significant credibility this year. It is a sector that can no longer be ignored in terms of potential and innovation. However, with rising interest and demand, many fraudulent practices have also surfaced to take advantage of novice investors.

At press time, there are more than 11,500 digital assets in the market, and not all of them are worth considering from an investment perspective. To tackle such a situation Simply is bringing forward an analysis platform that will allow investors to identify the crypto projects with huge upside potential and market credibility.

What is Simply?

Simply is a project that is determined to provide transparent and valid information about a cryptocurrency project to its investors. Its objective is in-line with the promotion of credible cryptocurrency pre-sales, which limits the chances of illicit and scam protocols. The analysis platform ensures that the new and emerging investor class are well educated and they understand the concepts related to the crypto economy. Their whitepaper stated,

“As a crypto community, we must take care of ourselves and protect this great digital economic revolution worldwide, and it is for this reason that we have created Simply.”

Simply believes that it is formulating a tool that will allow investors to start investing with more information, and therefore protecting both the asset class and individual involved.

What can the userbase expect?

Simply will provide a high-level reporting service for its userbase, and they will be able to look into pre-sale options which involve tokens younger than 6-months old. The reports will be offered to all visitors, but they are only a limited number of free reports per week. The premium users will be the ones eligible for unlimited access to all reports on the platform. Simply mentioned,

“In addition to the high-level report that we will deliver, will have a deep analysis and interpretation of their technological contract, as well as an article of an
interview with the project developers, which will allow those users who read the premium report to understand more about these projects, in addition to the mindset and experience of the developers in charge.”

Simply Tokenomics

Simply token will largely benefit its holders from the tokenomics level. The platform has a 3% TAX reward for holders, which is for holding. Hence, they will be receiving free tokens from 3% of each transaction that is taking place with Simply tokens. A proper breakdown of the tokenomics is listed below:

Symbol: SIMPLY
Contract: 0x500dd87DECC43dD9cCFa66343A1EbFA9F99b9dF4
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Burned atlaunch: 50,000,000
Each transaction pays a distributed tax:
RewardstoHolders: 3%
Liquidity Pool: 3%
Project andMarketingWallet: 4%
Slippage: 10%

Final words

Overall, Simply is trying to establish itself as a platform that can be trusted by a large group of investors to identify projects with strong market value and potential. In addition to that, Simply platform will be launched in under two weeks, and every person who registers on their website will receive a premium account on our platform for free.

For more information, please visit their official site.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.