WIF, FLOKI, and PEPE Lead the Meme Coin Surge in a Crypto Standoff

Juhi Mirza
Source: Crypto News

The crypto market is full of surprises. With an exceptionally well-established base, the overall crypto momentum seems positive enough to support many emerging crypto coins. Memecoins WIF, FLOKI, and PEPE have recently taken the internet by storm with their stellar price trajectories. 

However, stiff competition seems to be brimming on the surface, challenging the current memecoin surge. AI-inspired cryptocurrencies are also taking center stage, leading the two verticals to lock horns. 

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Memecoin vs. AI cryptocurrency standoff

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Per a recent tweet by crypto metrics platform Santiment, AI-inspired crypto, and meme coins are currently projecting an interesting “push and pull” sort of a predicament. 

Santiment later shared how notable AI crypto coins such as AGIX, RNDR, and FET were earlier surging but had noted a dip in their prices a while ago. Similarly, meme coins such as PEPE, WIF, and FLOKI, which were earlier experiencing a price decline, have suddenly started to notice a gradual rise in their prices. 

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“As crypto markets remain eerily flat these past 24 hours, the push and pull between AI coins and meme coins has resumed.🤖 $AGIX, $RNDR, and& $FET surged earlier today, but began dipping 3 hours ago.🐶 $FLOKI, $PEPE, and& $WIF dipped earlier today, but began surging 3 hours ago.”

At press time, meme coins are trending, signaling bullish prospects. WIF is up 5% at $2.02, followed by PEPE and FLOKI, stable at $0.000001442 and $0.0001687, respectively.

March Price Prediction for WIF, PEPE, and FLOKI IU

Backed by strong community sentiment, meme coins have outpaced several leading crypto coins in terms of stellar valuation and pricing. 

According to crypto analytics platform Coincodex, WIF may rise by 47% given its recent market momentum and surge. 

“The Dogwifhat price forecast for the next 30 days is a projection based on the positive and negative trends in the past 30 days. Based on these Dogwifhat projections, WIF may change hands at $2.61 on March 14, 2024, gaining 47.84% in the process.” 

Similarly, for PEPE and FLOKI, Changelly predicts stellar price ranges. “Crypto experts expect an average PEPE rate of $0.00000763 in March 2024. Crypto experts expect the average FLOKI rate of $0.000139 in March 2024.”