With Skyrocketing Sales, Goblin Town NFT Is Grabbing Attention

Vignesh Karunanidhi
With Skyrocketing Sales, Goblin Town NFT Is Grabbing Attention
Source: GoblinTown

Even though the market seems to be in a downturn, an NFT project called Goblin Town appears to be enjoying skyrocketing sales. The crypto market has been going through turmoil amidst the downfall of Terra, among other factors.

But a particular NFT project seems to be unaffected by anything. An NFT project called Goblin Town has been grabbing attention as it has popped up to be one of the new top NFT projects of the week.

Source: Goblin Town Twitter

Goblin Town NFTs have had remarkable sales in the past seven days

Goblin Town NFTs have come under the notable drops section of OpenSea. The NFT collection is also ranked number one among OpenSea’s top collections in terms of trading volumes and sales in the last seven days and the previous 24 hours. Goblin has even pushed BAYC to the second position to rank number one.

Source: OpenSea

As per the data from OpenSea, the Goblin NFT has surpassed over $25 million in sales in the past seven days. At the time of writing, they had obtained over $7.3 million in sales in the last 24 hours. The current floor price of a Goblin NFT is 8.69 ether.

The collection of 9,999 NFTs was launched around mid-May. The NFTs were minted for free and gained so much popularity over a very short span of time. The project seems to have done no promotion and gained traction purely through word of mouth.

Goblin’s Twitter account is also gaining traction as it currently packs over 48300 followers currently. The NFT owners are also free to use the Goblins as per their wishes.

Speculators has been eyeing the remarkable growth of the project. Some even believe that Yuga Labs is behind the project that is driving the extraordinary growth. The goblins have notably helped the NFT market to survive through the bear market.